First post of the year 2017!  So…. lots of things have happened.  Long story short, the S2k is gone, I had to sell the car whole, it wasn’t for money reasons, but I had to let it go quick.  I sold it to a friend and the car has been parted out…. I’m sure my parts are floating out there on a bunch of S2ks out there!  No worries, it’s just a car afterall….

Another life change, I quit my job and I’m studying to do a different field of work.  I’ve been doing that for the past 2 months or so….

Let’s get back on topic.  Everyone knows that the Mugen intake for the S2k requires you to cut up your Hood to fit unless you have an ASM, J’s, Mugen, or Spoon hood.  *Sidenote, I hear that the spoon hood still rubs with the Mugen intake…..

The problem is, after you cut up your hood, there is a nasty ugly hole in your hood.  JDM Tuner, Car Garage Amis rectifies this problem with their MUGEN AIR CLEANER DUCT COVER.  I haven’t seen any real pictures of this besides the stock one on the Car Garage Amis website, which happens to be the smallest picture ever!

Luckily my friend Kevin bought a Mugen intake and the Car Garage Amis MUGEN AIR CLEANER DUCT COVER from RHDjapan! I swear they should sponsor me.  He sent me a few pictures of him installing it…..

Kevin already went ahead and installed his new Mugen Intake.  I’ll post a DIY on how to do that in the future….

The most ass clenching moment of the entire install.  The Car Garage Amis instructions they send you give you a rough guideline of where to cut and is entirely in Japanese.  Luckily my friend Kevin has some Japanese colleagues that helped him translate this document to further clarify.  Kevin made a rough guideline on where to cut and made a careful incision with his dremel after blue taping it all up.

After cutting, Kevin made sure the Cover fit.  Here is a rough mockup of it on his car.

Everything is coming back together!

The next day Kevin stopped by my place so I could take a look at everything.  As expected, the fitment was spot on.  I took a couple of snaps…

It’s so beautiful, if I had to cut my hood for a Mugen intake I would definitely get this piece.  It really cleans up the engine bay.

It almost looks factory the way it contours around all the nooks and crannies.

One last look at the MUGEN AIR CLEANER DUCT COVER…

Full frontal shot.  He went with the ASM cooling plate in addition to his Mugen Intake.

Another shot of his Mugen intake…. and his dress up bolts.

One of the few people with the Gotuning/Greddy Spectrum Elite Exhaust for the S2000.  I remember when these first came out years ago…… The single version has been since discontinued.

Life: Amusing Meeting

Happy Holidays and Happy New Years everyone. This past week we held a special meet for our friend Warren who came all the way from South Korea…. In addition to Warren’s arrival, we also had a secret santa swap.

Of course being car enthusiasts we all exchanged car related gifts….


Collin received an NSX-R GT poster, because he has a White NSX himself…. I received a small drone, sorry no pictures of it..

Amuse R1 S2000

It was the first time Warren got to drive his car with his Authentic Amuse Hood Painted. Warren lives in Korea and before he left he dropped his car off with the painter to get the hood painted. According to him, finding a painter that does a good job painting Dry Carbon is quite difficult, it looks like signature autobody did a good job…. Check out Warren’s Build here


This Authentic Amuse Bonnet Street version is insane, peep the quality. The hood is incredibly light I think it is even lighter than Chris Lum’s Mugen Dry CF hood. I find it interesting how the hood does not have a hole for the hood prop and the hood latch looks like an afterthought. I’m assuming the hoodlatch is like that because the race version is essentially the same top but minus the hood latch…Hopefully one day I can be baller enough to upgrade my FRP ASM hood to the CF version.

Of course to compliment his CF hood he also bought this Mugen Intake BRAND NEW! Don’t mind the dust, he just got back from his flight this day and drove it straight from the body shop.


The rear of his car got some love too with this -04 ASM rear bumper. I can’t imagine the money that was being spent, Amuse Bonnet, ASM rear Bumper, Mugen intake, and ASM 70mm SS all done within a month…..


His Brake setup is sweet too. Bronze CE28N + Stoptech Trophy Kit…..


More Brake + Wheel Pr0n



I got a better picture of Chris Lum’s Famous Mugen S2k this time since his car was not in the dark….


We did a quick shot of the different S2K hoods. My car on the left with the ASM bonnet, Mugen Bonnet in the Center, and Amuse Bonnet on the right. Everything is authentic, no Mugen-style here….We’re just missing J’s racing, veilside, and a few more I can’t think of.


A few more shots



I’ll leave off here with a picture of the squad. It’s crazy how 2015 played out…. I got my s2k back, I decided to move my ass to California on my own dime, met some awesome like minded enthusiast, and even had a few different jobs….. I’m sure 2016 is going to be even better!

Life: Meet Life

Another week gone by another week of grueling work and another week of meets to de-stress. Back on the east coast I barely went to meets, maybe because the S2k scene was weak, or the weather kept people inside. The quality of cars on the west coast is 2nd to none in the USA, I know people on the East coast would like to think cars from Florida, NYC Metro area, or the DC area can compete…… Currently it’s almost November and the temperatures is in the 80s, I would be freezing my ass in Boston right now, but I’m still driving around my S2k like it’s summer in Virginia, did I mention the canyon roads? 🙂

My Authentic Amuse bumper never really sit flush with my fender near the corners of my headlight. I told a shop to fix it when I got painted…ahem Sports Car Shop…. but they never really fixed it. I took a closer look this weekend and it looked like I was missing the bumper stiffener that bolts up the bumper to the chassis. I went ahead and ordered part numbers 71105-S2A-000 and 71106-S2A-000 and their respective bolts. This goes to show you how shitty of a job sports car shop did and how they over looked all the small things, they didn’t even know I was missing these parts, I thought you guys did tens of thousands of dollars of work on S2ks?



After I fixed it up

Still not 100% perfect since that fender has been hit before, but much better than before!

Here are some overdue pictures from a meet we had in San Gabriel last week. I thought I could hand hold my camera, but I got some really bad shakes….. Here are the only usable pictures…..

DSC05078This sticker is pretty cool DSC05093

This kid bought out this “prototype swan neck wing” They look cool, I gave it a small push and it swayed a lot. I have a feeling we’re gonna see more Swan Neck Wings on everything…..

DSC05079Clement brought out his tracked out “mugen” faced s2k. Check out his build on S2Ki Here It’s a cool build, just that replica bumper kills me……. I know it’s a track car, but still…. I checked out another meet in Irvine last week DSC05372

Some tracked out S2ks…..The S2ks in Irvine are definitely higher quality than the S2ks in the 626. Much more expensive parts, and higher quality builds. It could be that the Irvine S owners are older, while the 626 crowd is much younger.

Here are some pictures from the 626 Meet we had this week.

Chris came out and brought out his mostly home brewed track ap2

DSC05390Chris is an Mechanical Engineer by trade so most of his car he did himself. DSC05392

He crafted this custom swan neck wing. Everything you see here is what he created and made sure it’s structurally sound, when I pushed on this wing it did not budge at all, much better than the yellow car from earlier. Since he actually tracks his car, he requires absolute reliability, and the best part, the trunk still opens.


Brandon’s Ap2 on Gold Advan RGII, they’re for sale by the way! DSC05394


Alvin’s LBP ap2 on Apv4s I mean RPF1s

That wraps up this post, see you next time.

For those 10s of followers I have. Come out to the meet we’re hosting this upcoming Thursday!!!

rosemead target

Life: JCCS Neo Classics + Meet

I’ve been really enjoying my life in SoCal…. Especially the car scene, my work sucks and is really draining so the car stuff brings some balance to my life. California has everything, meets, canyon roads, loads of race tracks close by… This past Saturday I checked out JCCS Neo Classics. Neo Classics is cars from the 80s and 90s. that aren’t classics yet, but will be in the future. It’s pretty much the cars from my childhood/ the golden age of Japanese cars. They were tons of cars, such as Rx7s, Supras, and other Iconic cars. I only took pictures of cars that caught my eye.

I saw this after I parked my car, a foreshadow of things to come

MKIII Supra with a 2J

Beautiful Sprinter on Watanabes

I forgot the car, but i was either a RX-2 or RX-3 with a 13B swap



some super JDM’ness…..

Some R34s, of course they were registered in Canada

An imported R32 GTR with possibly some parts from JDM Tuner Sun Line Racing



An MR2 crew in full force


I liked the steering wheel stickers on this car


A Toyota Century looking fresh…..

This NA1 has ITBs from Science of Speed, which look like Jenvey Units, like the ones I used to have. I like the clean vaccuum tank integrated into the setup.

AE86 with 20V swap and ITBs

One of the most interesting cars at the show, a mint Galant VR4


4WS 2.0i DOHC 16V Inter Cooler Turbo….What a mouthful

Of course I scooped out a few S2ks in the parking lot….

I like the Ce28 setup with Stoptech Calipers…..Classic

Or this Suzuka with an Authetic(took many fakes out there) Amuse Front bumper, J’s Racing tow hook, CE28s, with Spoon Calipers….

Another cool car. Silverstone S2k with a Voltex Wing, Painted Volex Difuser, I believe Mag Blue Ce28s (didn’t take a picture of it for some reason), and what looks like an ASM Siren Exhaust or the EVS exhaust……


I like the slight tint on the Voltex Diffuser
DSC05044After the meet, I went to buy groceries, I met some S2k enthusiasts at a cafe nearby. They invited me out to one of their meets, I checked it out on Tuesday. Here are some pictures from their meet…..

Spoon’ed out Sebring with Authentic Mugen$$ CF hardtop, ASM seats, and more….

My car next to him

Some other cool cars showed up, like this mint white NSX on CE28s


To end the post, here are some updates with my s2k….

Got rid of my Spoon Engine Mount rings..


and acquired a shit ton of Mugen Bolts…..


Till next time.

Update: Fuel line Status

Been pretty busy with work lately.  About a couple of months 2 ago, I tried to cut, flare, and use a compression fitting to fit a -5 onto my stock fuel feed line.  Flaring the line while it is still attached to the car was pretty difficult, I could never get a solid flare at the angle I was at.  I saw on the forums that full blown offered a fitting that just screws into the stock fuel line, the only problem with that is, I cut off the fuel line past that point already.  A new fuel feed line was only $30 and a full blown adapter fitting to an AN -6 was only $20, so without a thought I made the plunge.  Here is everything mocked up, I just swapped the fuel line retainer from my old line and installed it.

Here is a more detailed shot of the Fullblown fitting

I went ahead and finished my AN fuel line setup with Stainless braided lines and a russel fuel fitting adapter for a Honda that fits directly onto an s2000 fuel rail.  I used my Koul tool to fit the AN fitting onto my AN line.  This is the best tool you can buy if you’re working with AN lines, no matter how frayed the braided line is, getting it to fit into an AN fitting takes just seconds.

And here is a good video to see how it works.:

After I made the fuel line, I attached the russel Honda adapter and torqued the fuel damper down.  This is the Russel adapter:


So the car is back together as of 2 weeks ago.  There is a problem, the car is cutting off during deceleration coming to a red light.  At first I thought it was an electrical problem from the way the car cuts out, which is no drama, just dead.  It even cuts out when my foot is on the throttle.  Kmanager shows a steady 14v when on and 12v when the car is dead, so that proves it isn’t electrical.  The funny thing is that my car was running on this same exact tune before.  I triple checked the ground behind the cylinder head, it’s definitely on tight.  Since my car is on an alpha-n tune, I’m starting to believe it is the TPS connection itself.  I did an experiment, I disconnected the TPS and gave it a rev, the car cut immediately off in the exact same manner as on the road.  I’m starting to believe the connection to the TPS isn’t very good, since I cut my original socket off to install the rover unit, then cut that off and installed my original unit, installed the rover unit again because I thought something was wrong, and finally reinstalled the original connector.  The first time I installed the rover unit, I cut the wire from the tps very close to the connector, so I don’t really have that much wire slack to work with.  Oh yeah, before I installed the TPS the first time I accidentally cut the map sensor socket, since they look exactly the same, so my map sensor has been cut and then re-soldered on also.  I’ve accidentally ripped the wires on the map sensor when I reinstalled everything…… I don’t want to mess with trying to de-pin my connectors and re-soldering it.

So what is my solution to all of this?

A new Chasebays Harness CM1.  I bought this from a local member for $550 shipped.  I think it’s a good deal, this usually sells on the chasebays website for 550 + me sending my core in and wait time.  As with everything else in my life and aftermarket, I am not expecting this to work perfectly, but I have very high hopes!  Here is a picture of it on it’s way to me!  Hopefully this should hold me over, I was looking at the rywire mil-spec harnesses, maybe one day I’ll get my harness + my kpro wideband setup sent to him so he can make me a custom mil-spec harness with quick connect for those quick motor changes haha.

Oh BTW, I got a job.  I’m just waiting for the security clearance to go through and I can start working.  The S2k might be put on the back burner so I can pay off my student loans.  I’ll try to sneak in a goodie for my s2k or two 🙂


it looks like there is a burned track on my kpro, I hope it’s just the surface……Getting it checked out later this week, I just need to find a person who specializes on circuit boards.  Maybe run stock narrow band after this?


Want: Front Bumpers

I’ve been debating what bumper to get for the longest time now. At one point I had my heart set on an amuse r1 front bumper. I just don’t know if the price can justify a bumper that looks like an ap2 bumper with a mild lip. I like how clean and subtle it is.

Another option is to add a CR lip to my current Ap2 bumper. This would give me some aerodynamics for the track and is relatively cheap. I’m still not 100% sold on the design though. It definitely is growing me more and more.

I really like the voltex kit evasive has come out with. The problem is that it is taking years for them to release the kit. I’m not too sure how it will look on my car, but if it is like anything else voltex, I’m sure the quality will be up there. I hope this can come out soon!

courtesy of evasive