Want: Voltex Street Bumper

After looking over my ap2 bumper, I realized how jacked up it is. This is mainly due to the crappy paint/bodywork the shop did after someone hit my car in a hit-and-run…… It’s still a toss up between the amuse front bumper and the new voltex bumper evasive released.

Here is a picture evasive posted with the bumper fitted on one of their customer’s car….

Want: Cusco Acrylic Windows

Sometimes I am really amazed by all the products available for the s2000 and products that are still being developed.  This is completely different from my previous car, the Prelude BB6, the aftermarket was scarce and nothing was being developed for it.  The community was falling apart, kids that don’t want to spend any money on their cars and just buy the cheapest stuff to make the car look cool. I always wanted Hasport to make a K24 kit for that car. Just a look on S2ki and you see lots of people developing cool stuff for the car, such as Supra V160 Transmission mount kits, K20 mount kits, J35 swaps, suspension components from all the top companies, Bilstein, KW, Ohlins, and much more.

I found this while browsing the web, Cusco Acrylic windows!  Pretty cool considering you can lose over 10lbs from this mod.  I’m glad JDM companies are still supporting a car made over 10 years ago.  The Arvou s2k in the background makes it so much more cool!

Want: Recaro Seatbelt Pad thing

I really want that seat-belt holder thing on the shoulder.  I was really sick of always reaching behind my seat to grab my seatbelt with my bride seats and the buckle would sometimes hit the back of the seat.  The sound of a metal buckle against the CF/Kevlar backing of my Bride Gias was not a pleasant sound.  This also gives you a hint on things to come 😉

Want: ASM bonnet

Sorry, I haven’t been updating much. I’ve currently been in Boston for the past week and a half or so. Summer school started up and that mostly occupies my time now. My old Macbook finally decided to die, and now I’m on a Hackintosh Dell Vostro 1510 for the time being. I was on my daily s2ki cruise and found an ASM bonnet for a very good price…..unfortunately it’s more than I can afford right now…..Unless I want to crack open the credit card….but I must resist. Besides how cool the bonnet looks, I want a new bonnet because I cut a whole in my current bonnet to fit a naca duct. I really regret doing so.  I want so bad……


Want: Front Bumpers

I’ve been debating what bumper to get for the longest time now. At one point I had my heart set on an amuse r1 front bumper. I just don’t know if the price can justify a bumper that looks like an ap2 bumper with a mild lip. I like how clean and subtle it is.

Another option is to add a CR lip to my current Ap2 bumper. This would give me some aerodynamics for the track and is relatively cheap. I’m still not 100% sold on the design though. It definitely is growing me more and more.

I really like the voltex kit evasive has come out with. The problem is that it is taking years for them to release the kit. I’m not too sure how it will look on my car, but if it is like anything else voltex, I’m sure the quality will be up there. I hope this can come out soon!

courtesy of evasive