If you guys know me personally, you know I’m an ITB freak! (no not that, individual throttle body) Roaming the internet as I always do at work, I stumbled across this awesome picture.  One of my dreams is to have a Carb’ed b16 with toda vtec killers.  With that being said, a Carb’ed s2000 is a million times cooler!  I wonder how you tune cars for cars with multiple cam profiles, in an EFI all that needs to be done is on separate profiles with hi and lo cams, with carbs there is no computer telling the injectors what cam profile it’s on.  I wonder.


Want: Recaro Seatbelt Pad thing

I really want that seat-belt holder thing on the shoulder.  I was really sick of always reaching behind my seat to grab my seatbelt with my bride seats and the buckle would sometimes hit the back of the seat.  The sound of a metal buckle against the CF/Kevlar backing of my Bride Gias was not a pleasant sound.  This also gives you a hint on things to come 😉

Spoon’ed out?!?

I was cruising through Minkara today and found this Spoon’ed out s2k from Rayra factory.  A part of me kind of wants to move away from the clean amuse look and go for something more crazy, like a spoon catalogue car.  The problem is, it is a bit played out and has been done many times before.  Right now in my mind, it is a toss up between a spoon’ed out car, or hopefully the voltex kit (I’m still waiting EVASIVE).


Want: ASM bonnet

Sorry, I haven’t been updating much. I’ve currently been in Boston for the past week and a half or so. Summer school started up and that mostly occupies my time now. My old Macbook finally decided to die, and now I’m on a Hackintosh Dell Vostro 1510 for the time being. I was on my daily s2ki cruise and found an ASM bonnet for a very good price…..unfortunately it’s more than I can afford right now…..Unless I want to crack open the credit card….but I must resist. Besides how cool the bonnet looks, I want a new bonnet because I cut a whole in my current bonnet to fit a naca duct. I really regret doing so.  I want so bad……


What?!? really?

The japanese do really think about just about everything. This hood support by Y Factory was given the burnt finish as seen on the Amuse exhausts. This is very unique and is so detail oriented it just blows my mind.

Itasha-ed S2k!?!?

I came across this car during my daily minkara browsing. Believe it or not, the Itasha style has hit the S2000 in Japan. This car looks like it is the offspring of ASM that had alien tentacle sex. From the outside you can see the Mugen Hardtop, ASM bonnet, and Volk RE30s.

It isn’t all show and no go. It even sports some cool engine mods. Like this ASM throttle body.

and this Mugen Intake with asm cooling plate

I found this “carbon ring guard” especially interesting.
I think it is suppose to prevent curb rash, it doesn’t look that bad either!

I would love these Recaro TS-GS in my car, they look pretty comfy.

Lastly, I wish these Mugen Assist meters could work on a LHD car.  I would buy them in a heart beat!