Itasha-ed S2k!?!?

I came across this car during my daily minkara browsing. Believe it or not, the Itasha style has hit the S2000 in Japan. This car looks like it is the offspring of ASM that had alien tentacle sex. From the outside you can see the Mugen Hardtop, ASM bonnet, and Volk RE30s.

It isn’t all show and no go. It even sports some cool engine mods. Like this ASM throttle body.

and this Mugen Intake with asm cooling plate

I found this “carbon ring guard” especially interesting.
I think it is suppose to prevent curb rash, it doesn’t look that bad either!

I would love these Recaro TS-GS in my car, they look pretty comfy.

Lastly, I wish these Mugen Assist meters could work on a LHD car.  I would buy them in a heart beat!

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