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Hi, I’m Anthony I have a love for the Honda S2000’s. This is my blog about my S2000, other S2000s, and other cars that interest me and I own. I’m not a writer, so bear with me.

Feel free to contact me at

I’m always look for new S2ks to take pictures of, if you want a feature.  If you read the site, I’m sure you have a sense of what I’m looking for.  I.e authentic parts, clean builds, sometimes wacky swaps…… I’m located in SoCal, but occasionally on the East Coast in the DC Metro Area.


I sold my car Early 2017…….. this is the last specs it had before I sold it.

– Custom Candy Blue Valve Cover
– 2004-2005 AP2 | K20 CoilPacks | Honda Part# 30520-PNA-007
– Mugen Oil Cap
– Cusco Oil Catch Can
– M&M Honda Intake Manifold Spacer
– Invidia Test Pipe
– ASM 70mm Titanium Exhaust
Toda Racing  Valve springs
Toda Racing Cam Gears
Toda Racing A2 Camshafts
– Toda Racing Crank Pulley (Just Crank Pulley)
AlloyCraft Oil Pan Baffle
– BalladeSports Timing Correction Gear
– InlinePro Timing Chain Tensioner
Feel’s Racing Radiator
Mugen Fan Switch
– Mugen Thermostat
Billion Radiator Hoses
Mugen Radiator Cap
Cusco Cooling plate + ASM Bolts
WPC Treated
Cam Caps
Rocker Shafts
Vtec Rocker Pins

– ASM FRP Bonnet
– Power House Amuse Front bumper
– AP2 Headlights
– AP2 Taillights
– AP2 Center console
– CraftSquare Mirrors with Blue Tint

– AP2 Radio Door
– AP2 Dead pedal
– Alpine Head Unit w/ Modifry DCI
– Mugen Gen III steering wheel
Garage Car Amis Shifter Collar
UKDM Ap2 cluster with 9k redline
UKDM accord key retrofit
– Works Bell short hub/quick release
– CR shift knob
Recaro SR-7 ASM IS-11 Seat
– Recaro Japan Passenger Side Rail
– ASM Recaro IS-11 Seat
Mugen Driver’s Side Seat rail
– ASM IS-11 Seat Backing Cover
– ASM Recaro Side Protector
– ASM Seat belt guides, Drivers side and Passenger Side
– TRD DOOR Stiffeners on CSO Brackets (Creative Service Ohara)
Recaro SPG Passenger side
Mugen Seat Rails


– Ikeya Formula Rear Toe Arms
– Mugen Micro Mesh Brake Lines
Ohlins Road & Track
– J’s racing axle spacers
– Motul 600 Brake Fluid
– Project Mu Club Racer Brake Pads


-Volk Racing CE28N 17×7.5 / 5×114.3 / Offset +50 with 215 tire + Volk Racing CE28N 17×9 / 5×114.3 / Offset +63 with 245 tire
-Advan A048


3 thoughts on “My S2000

  1. Great Blog, I am just about to build and install the Jenvey ITB kit in my 2006 S2000 but like you say nothing from Jenvey comes with anything like a set of instructions, I am currently simply just the proud owner of what looks like a bunch of random parts… any chance you have some build pictures and hints you could share with me to help me save some time.

    • Check out the ITB thread in the NA forum on S2ki. The title is something like ,”ITB and sensors”. There is a lot of good information there.

      • Yeah I have been reading through it, in fact that is one of ther reasons that I bought the Jenvey kit, what I was hoping you might have is a few high res pictures of them assembled prior to installation

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