Pickups: Toda Racing S2000 Adjustable Campulleys

I found a killer deal on Toda Racing Adjustable cam pulleys/cam gears on an S2000 Facebook group recently. I messaged the user immediately after he posted the item for sale and paypaled him, luckily S2k owners nowadays don’t care about these parts and would rather spend their money on knock-off body kits or replica wheels……Pic for attention! I’ve always wanted Toda cam gears to go with my Toda Racing A2 Cams 🙂 This past weekend I finally got around to installing these into my S2k.

They are in great condition and came with all the little bits and pieces specific to the Toda Cam gears….  Small pieces typically get lost with used parts since they go from person to person.

Close up of the cam gears!

A buddy lent me his place to install my cam gears, I’m forever grateful since I am living in an apartment right now with no space and a strict HOA.  First thing first, I let the car cool down, working on any parts covered in hot ass oil is no fun.  This is a shot of my stock cam gears on my Toda A2 Cams.  I’ve taken my valvetrain apart too many times now, I made quick work of this install.

A comparison shot of the stock cam gears vs the toda adjustable cam pulleys.

This is one of the small pieces you should look out for if you buy these cam gears used.  The end cap on the cams is smaller with the Toda units, you can see here it has less of a lip.  The Toda unit is to the right.  Another piece, that is not pictured, is the woodruff key, the woodruff key that comes with the Toda Adjustable Cam Pulley is smaller than the stock unit.
The finished product after my installation.  I am happy now that I have adjustability with my cam pulleys for when I need to degree my cams in the future.  They look badass, too bad I can’t run these open a la Ae86 4age style!



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