Life: A Random AE86 appears

I hung out with some friends last week. What I like about hanging out with like-minded car enthusiasts is that they are associated or attract other people that share the similar vision and philosophy when it comes to tuning cars….

Speaking of tuning, Tom picked up a new Intake…. TOP FUEL ZERO-1000 TYPE 3D. I like how the inlet of the intake goes over the radiator. I think there are only a handful of people in the USA with this particular setup.  Loving those Öhlins Tom, we all know the fastest S2ks in California run Öhlins….. 🙂

You can see Colin to the left installing his KCMachine Shorai Battery kit It is USA made and only a combined weight of 6.6lbs! KCMachine makes Shorai battery kits for other cars like the BRZ, FRS, and NSX.

Areen brought his buddy out with one of the cleanest Hachi Rokus I’ve seen outside of a car meet……..

Kouki frontend with a zenki lip.

Of course I asked the owner what he was running under the hood….
Under the bonnet is a 20v 4age with the stock ITBs!  I like how the engine bay is painted, reminds me of how Spoon paints the interior and engine bay of their cars.
I believe he said the bottom end was all Tomei….

Beautiful custom JSP header
Owner is repping HK and AE86FIGHTCLUB

Bride Seats!
I love the accordion shift boot and matching Personal horn to match the seats.

Volk TE37, don’t see too many TE37 wheels on AE86.

I like this shot, the car behind turned on his headlights as he was leaving…….This reminds me of the option videos I used to watch back in the day when they ran the touge in my younger years.

Trueno mud flaps.
I’m happy that owners like this are preserving this car as they are becoming increasingly rare and modifying the car with quality parts that don’t take away from the soul and balance of the vehicle.

5 thoughts on “Life: A Random AE86 appears

  1. Greetings! Great read and amazing cars machines. I had a question regarding Tom’s intake. Was any cutting of the OEM hood required; let alone any cutting required at all? Also, how was his review on it? Throttle response better? Any dyno proven numbers? If you can get back to me, that would be amazing. I am researching that intake because I’m currently in the market for one. Thank you!

    • Tom’s intake? I’m not sure what you’re talking about. If you are talking about the top fuel intake, there is no cutting involved.

      • I apologize. I was referring to the Top Fuel Intake. Sorry, I should have been more specific. I just was trying to see if I can get a light review of that intake from you or Tom himself. That intake is very rare in builds, so there isn’t much information out on it.
        Were you able to get any feedback from Tom about the Top Fuel intake?

      • Ohhh I get what you were talking about, sorry there was a AE86 in the same post, I thought you were trying to find out about a TOM’S intake….. Yeah he likes it, the fit and finish is great and there is some more response.

      • Haha. No worries. I actually went back and reread my own comment to see where the confusion was.
        I sincerely appreciate your feedback. It’s definitely helped come closer to a decision. I didn’t think you’d even respond considering the fact that this was posted last year. Thanks again!

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