Parts Review: Ballade Sports Timing Chain Correction Gear

Parts Review: Ballade Sports Timing Chain Correction Gear

It’s funny how when I started this blog years ago BalladeSports wasn’t even a shop. Alex, the owner of BalladeSports, I remember his iconic spooned out black Ap2, he was one of the first people to run the full spoon kit on his s2k, now he has a pretty well known shop in SoCal and a K24 swap. I’ve had the timing chain correction gear for awhile now, but I didn’t get to install this part until I moved to SoCal. Since I live in an apartment, it’s very difficult to work on my car, I reached out on S2ki and a user lent me their place to wrench. This part has picked up a lot of traction on S2ki, one side of the camp calling this a timing advancement gear, since it allegedly advances the timing up a tad, and another side calling it a correction gear, stating that the timing chain stretches overtime.


This is pretty much all you get when you order the gear…..

Installation wasn’t too bad, the hardest part was finding a torque wrench that can torque the cam caps to a minuscule 16ftlbs!

Some installation notes:

Be prepared to have a bolt to retract the timing chain tensioner, swapping the timing chain gear does require some finesse, it will come out, putting the new gear in is the same way.

The final result:

Final thoughts about the product:

After the installation of the timing correction gear, I thought my car felt smoother, but after some extended driving I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t feel much different. I am not too sure if I recommend this product. Alex swears up and down on the forum that produce produces results, he even offered me a full refund. I’ll keep this in my car for now and do more testing.

Some preview of another mod that I have in my hand and might install……
IMG_5001 2


2 thoughts on “Parts Review: Ballade Sports Timing Chain Correction Gear

  1. Hey man, do you have a diy in how to change the timing gear? What steps did you take? Let me know as I too have bought the timing gear and TCT combo.

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