Life: I showed up to the wrong party….

I’m a pretty unorganized person , for example, one time I booked a flight for the wrong week 3 months ahead and didn’t find out until I showed up to the airport and realized I was flying out 3 weeks later…… I don’t know how or why, but I thought the Petersen Japanese Car meetup was a week earlier than when it actually was.

Since I thought the meet was a week earlier than when it actually was, I washed my car a day and week too early….. I took a picture of my car fresh out of the car wash, I don’t go too crazy detailing, I usually take it to a DIY coin carwash place and spray down my car and dry with micro fiber towels, Costco micro fiber towels, only the best.  What you can’t really see is the crazy amount of scratches I have underneath my bumper for scraping the hell out of it all over LA……I can’t image what my subframe looks like, I’m sure it’s beat to death now since I’ve been force to daily the car recently…
I meet up with my buddy Alvin and gave him this Spoon Reservoir cover I got from Japan.  Honestly it looks a bit cheesy, something about that S in the spoon font…..  This  Evening he just got back from his first track day so he was super stoked.
The Car wash was Saturday night.  Sunday rolled around, I woke up fucking early, picked up Alvin, and off to what I thought was gonna be a JDM car meet.  Something was definitely going on at the Petersen since we got passed by a few cars on the road heading to the museum parking structure.  I thought it was funny that the cars that passed us were non-Japanese cars like this Mustang……This mustang was actually in front of us getting into the parking structure and was driven by Automotive Designer, Henrik Fisker, ex-ceo of Fisker Automotive.  This Mustang is a special edition designed by Fisker himself, I personally think it’s god awful ugly…..You can definitely bet after the show, I was waiting for this car to drive off and crash into something like most mustangs leaving car meets.

The meet is called the Petersen Breakfast cruise-in….. It is open to all makes and models. The Petersen provides free Coffee and Bagels to everyone that attends.  There was a good representation of Porsche air-cooled goodness.

Alvin thought the color on this car was rad, he told me it reminds him of butter.
C7 Corvette.

Enter a caption

Some dude showed up in a bikini top Miata, of course I didn’t get a picture of it.  The miata rocks a Maruha Timing cover, and a Kraftwerks SuperCharger.  He told me it puts down 240whp.  He tracks his car often and said his Tein EDFC active suspension system really helps rough tracks since the suspension auto adjusts itself to the condition while he is driving…. Suspension has sure come a long way.
Ferrari Testarossa goodness.
This Red and Black Ferrari Testarossa combo was pretty awesome.

Aston Martin DB7, these cars have aged well, it is still a stunner.
And where there is a Aston Martin DB7 there must be a Aston Martin DB8 near by!
I love how the weave of the carbon fiber meets in the middle.

I was not too sure what this was, I’m assuming it is some sort of rebodied Porsche…..
That is what gave me that clue.  I’m sure someone can chime in and let me know what this is.

Lotus 7, Caterham, Kit car, one of the above…..My Friend Chris with the Lotus runs the same Toyo R888 on his car in what looks like the same width….I wonder if it’s a Lotus thing.

A Lamborghini Diablo VT showed up like a boss.  Check out those exhaust pipes!
Another car that showed up like a boss was this Toyota Starlet.  I got a soft spot for well done starlets.  Even dudes in Ferraris were breaking their necks staring at this car.
Especially when they are rocking a 4AG that is carbed!
Clean Datsuns 240Z like this car are getting harder and harder to find.
All different types of cars showed up.

There was a whole crew of BMW Z8s that showed up.  Seeing one BMW Z8 is a treat in the wild, but seeing a whole row of them in different colors was something else. There was probably 9+ BMW Z8 in attendance.
The reason for the large BMW Z8 turnout is because Henrik Fisker was in attendance, who also designed this car….All the owners got their cars signed.
Like this particular BMW Z8 that is an extremely rare Alpina version.
I’m liking that Silver on Red!  Reminds me of a certain S2k 🙂

That guy with a grey cap is actually famous Youtubber Alejandro Salomon, aka Salomondrin. He’s an enthusists that drives and owns more than his fare share of exotic cars.

Like this Dodge Viper ACR!

I was really feeling the colors on this Ferrari, the blue calipers really stick out on this grey car and the HRE wheels really make it pop.

I’m a sucker for Red interiors, especially on white cars.  This Mercedes Benz 250SE is a proper cruiser.
Voltex wings on Nissan GTRs, so right.

The interior of the Diablo VT is fresh as hell…..

I feel like I’m getting jaded living in SoCal.  2 hellcats, a BMW M5, and a Mercedes Benz GT roll in and I wasn’t even excited……..

The event is only a few hours long, so people started rolling out…….

After the morning meet, we hung out at our friend Chris’s house.  He was assisting me correcting some fitment issues I had with my Ap2 taillights I installed years ago that was bothering me…..It is better now, but I feel like I need to find a better solution to make it even more flush.  Chris is a Mechanical Engineer by trade and he makes his old Custom wings for the S2000.  They are extremely secure and actually engineered and tested, unlike other brands…..*ahem battle aero*…… Check it out here


He also helped me put on my H Badge sticker I bought from Japan. It covers the holes in the trunk left by my old emblem. I’m really bad at putting on stickers, I always end up getting air bubbles in them one way or another. I think it looks great, very Porsche GT3RS-esque.

Life: Photoshoot!

Recent photoshoot with the guys this past week.


We are posting up waiting for the rest of the guys to catch up with us. Areen’s Spoon’ed out S2k and Colin’s BB6 Prelude


For some reason my trunk doesn’t stay flush anymore. I think I put something in the trunk that must of bent a torsion rod… It means I definitely have to get an ASM trunk now!


A Few different perspectives.


Areen got some new parts, he’s just waiting to get them painted.


I shot this with my trusty 5dmkii with a wide angle lens and my Sony a7 with a 50mm……

Colin’s infamous BB6 Prelude. I remember he owned this Prelude when I used to have my 5th Gen Prelude years ago….. I can’t believe he still has it to this day


White Hondas always look good with Red seats. Gold CE28Ns are a nice contrast to the White.

What sets Colin’s BB6 apart from other Preludes in the USA is the Super Rare Wise Square/Behrman Front and Rear bumpers. Wise Square/Behrman is actually a JDM VIP company, it is interesting how they make parts for the 5th Gen Prelude. In the rear he is running a Mugen rear wing. My favorite part is the JDM Fog lights! Back in our day they didn’t make replica JDM fog lights….. I had the same fog lights in my old Prelude.


Ever so timeless Volk CE28N and Spoon ITR calipers! A well executed car is absolutely timeless, it will look great 20+ years in the future as it does today. Nothing trendy on the car like stance or super wide body kits to make this car dated….


S2k Steering wheel, like the one I used to have in my Prelude. The Red Bride seats make the interior.


EJ’s SuperCharged OEM+ Type-r inspired ap1 build. A well executed build using OEM or oem like components, like ap2 v3 rims, CR Spoiler, Amuse R1 Front bumper, and Red DC5 ITR seats. I posted some pictures here


His newly powder coated ap2v3 rims look great with the Stoptech calipers.


I know I don’t post too many pictures here are some rare pictures of my current setup……



I feel like I need Craftsquare mirrors to complete my exterior look. The OEM mirrors look too bulky for me…..

Some Pictures shot by my friend Nick at Here

I like how my ASM 70mm Titanium Exhaust looks here.

My One of One Mugen wheel, because the U and E is worn out at the bottom there….




Quick Snaps: Halloween M & M Donuts run

Ran down to M&M Donuts in Anaheim with some of the 626 bros on Halloween. Typically the wait is 2 hours, but on this particular day there was no wait! Took some quick snaps in the parking lot.

Excuse the dust on my car!

Rock chips for days because I actually drive this thing! Of course everything is real here, no fakes here.



Life: JCCS Neo Classics + Meet

I’ve been really enjoying my life in SoCal…. Especially the car scene, my work sucks and is really draining so the car stuff brings some balance to my life. California has everything, meets, canyon roads, loads of race tracks close by… This past Saturday I checked out JCCS Neo Classics. Neo Classics is cars from the 80s and 90s. that aren’t classics yet, but will be in the future. It’s pretty much the cars from my childhood/ the golden age of Japanese cars. They were tons of cars, such as Rx7s, Supras, and other Iconic cars. I only took pictures of cars that caught my eye.

I saw this after I parked my car, a foreshadow of things to come

MKIII Supra with a 2J

Beautiful Sprinter on Watanabes

I forgot the car, but i was either a RX-2 or RX-3 with a 13B swap



some super JDM’ness…..

Some R34s, of course they were registered in Canada

An imported R32 GTR with possibly some parts from JDM Tuner Sun Line Racing



An MR2 crew in full force


I liked the steering wheel stickers on this car


A Toyota Century looking fresh…..

This NA1 has ITBs from Science of Speed, which look like Jenvey Units, like the ones I used to have. I like the clean vaccuum tank integrated into the setup.

AE86 with 20V swap and ITBs

One of the most interesting cars at the show, a mint Galant VR4


4WS 2.0i DOHC 16V Inter Cooler Turbo….What a mouthful

Of course I scooped out a few S2ks in the parking lot….

I like the Ce28 setup with Stoptech Calipers…..Classic

Or this Suzuka with an Authetic(took many fakes out there) Amuse Front bumper, J’s Racing tow hook, CE28s, with Spoon Calipers….

Another cool car. Silverstone S2k with a Voltex Wing, Painted Volex Difuser, I believe Mag Blue Ce28s (didn’t take a picture of it for some reason), and what looks like an ASM Siren Exhaust or the EVS exhaust……


I like the slight tint on the Voltex Diffuser
DSC05044After the meet, I went to buy groceries, I met some S2k enthusiasts at a cafe nearby. They invited me out to one of their meets, I checked it out on Tuesday. Here are some pictures from their meet…..

Spoon’ed out Sebring with Authentic Mugen$$ CF hardtop, ASM seats, and more….

My car next to him

Some other cool cars showed up, like this mint white NSX on CE28s


To end the post, here are some updates with my s2k….

Got rid of my Spoon Engine Mount rings..


and acquired a shit ton of Mugen Bolts…..


Till next time.

Pick Up: Mugen Seat Rail

My Mugen Seat rail came in recently.  The Mugen seat rail are a thing of beauty, it’s very light, and the mechanism to move the seat back and forth feel exactly like OEM.  The downfall unfortunately is that it only fits perfect with Mugen seats.  With the Recaro SPG seat, it is a too narrow, I had to use washers to make my seat fit, I’m currently researching other spacers to make the seat fit correctly and look decent.


The OEM seat bracket fits perfectly!


Pick Ups: Recaro SPG seats

Recaro > Bride


Recaro seats are super high quality, you can see why they are an OEM manufacture, the fabric feels great, and the FRP back is really solid.  I sold my bride gias seat + seat rail and passenger seat rail and bought these. Don’t get me wrong, the My bride Gias  was an excellent seat with excellent rails. I just need something that I can really track, and not red.  Red seats look great, but you always have to clean them since they get dirty easily. I’m going back to basics with my car, it was too nuts with everything, maybe someday again….


Want: Recaro Seatbelt Pad thing

I really want that seat-belt holder thing on the shoulder.  I was really sick of always reaching behind my seat to grab my seatbelt with my bride seats and the buckle would sometimes hit the back of the seat.  The sound of a metal buckle against the CF/Kevlar backing of my Bride Gias was not a pleasant sound.  This also gives you a hint on things to come 😉