Life: I showed up to the wrong party….

I’m a pretty unorganized person , for example, one time I booked a flight for the wrong week 3 months ahead and didn’t find out until I showed up to the airport and realized I was flying out 3 weeks later…… I don’t know how or why, but I thought the Petersen Japanese Car meetup was a week earlier than when it actually was.

Since I thought the meet was a week earlier than when it actually was, I washed my car a day and week too early….. I took a picture of my car fresh out of the car wash, I don’t go too crazy detailing, I usually take it to a DIY coin carwash place and spray down my car and dry with micro fiber towels, Costco micro fiber towels, only the best.  What you can’t really see is the crazy amount of scratches I have underneath my bumper for scraping the hell out of it all over LA……I can’t image what my subframe looks like, I’m sure it’s beat to death now since I’ve been force to daily the car recently…
I meet up with my buddy Alvin and gave him this Spoon Reservoir cover I got from Japan.  Honestly it looks a bit cheesy, something about that S in the spoon font…..  This  Evening he just got back from his first track day so he was super stoked.
The Car wash was Saturday night.  Sunday rolled around, I woke up fucking early, picked up Alvin, and off to what I thought was gonna be a JDM car meet.  Something was definitely going on at the Petersen since we got passed by a few cars on the road heading to the museum parking structure.  I thought it was funny that the cars that passed us were non-Japanese cars like this Mustang……This mustang was actually in front of us getting into the parking structure and was driven by Automotive Designer, Henrik Fisker, ex-ceo of Fisker Automotive.  This Mustang is a special edition designed by Fisker himself, I personally think it’s god awful ugly…..You can definitely bet after the show, I was waiting for this car to drive off and crash into something like most mustangs leaving car meets.

The meet is called the Petersen Breakfast cruise-in….. It is open to all makes and models. The Petersen provides free Coffee and Bagels to everyone that attends.  There was a good representation of Porsche air-cooled goodness.

Alvin thought the color on this car was rad, he told me it reminds him of butter.
C7 Corvette.

Enter a caption

Some dude showed up in a bikini top Miata, of course I didn’t get a picture of it.  The miata rocks a Maruha Timing cover, and a Kraftwerks SuperCharger.  He told me it puts down 240whp.  He tracks his car often and said his Tein EDFC active suspension system really helps rough tracks since the suspension auto adjusts itself to the condition while he is driving…. Suspension has sure come a long way.
Ferrari Testarossa goodness.
This Red and Black Ferrari Testarossa combo was pretty awesome.

Aston Martin DB7, these cars have aged well, it is still a stunner.
And where there is a Aston Martin DB7 there must be a Aston Martin DB8 near by!
I love how the weave of the carbon fiber meets in the middle.

I was not too sure what this was, I’m assuming it is some sort of rebodied Porsche…..
That is what gave me that clue.  I’m sure someone can chime in and let me know what this is.

Lotus 7, Caterham, Kit car, one of the above…..My Friend Chris with the Lotus runs the same Toyo R888 on his car in what looks like the same width….I wonder if it’s a Lotus thing.

A Lamborghini Diablo VT showed up like a boss.  Check out those exhaust pipes!
Another car that showed up like a boss was this Toyota Starlet.  I got a soft spot for well done starlets.  Even dudes in Ferraris were breaking their necks staring at this car.
Especially when they are rocking a 4AG that is carbed!
Clean Datsuns 240Z like this car are getting harder and harder to find.
All different types of cars showed up.

There was a whole crew of BMW Z8s that showed up.  Seeing one BMW Z8 is a treat in the wild, but seeing a whole row of them in different colors was something else. There was probably 9+ BMW Z8 in attendance.
The reason for the large BMW Z8 turnout is because Henrik Fisker was in attendance, who also designed this car….All the owners got their cars signed.
Like this particular BMW Z8 that is an extremely rare Alpina version.
I’m liking that Silver on Red!  Reminds me of a certain S2k 🙂

That guy with a grey cap is actually famous Youtubber Alejandro Salomon, aka Salomondrin. He’s an enthusists that drives and owns more than his fare share of exotic cars.

Like this Dodge Viper ACR!

I was really feeling the colors on this Ferrari, the blue calipers really stick out on this grey car and the HRE wheels really make it pop.

I’m a sucker for Red interiors, especially on white cars.  This Mercedes Benz 250SE is a proper cruiser.
Voltex wings on Nissan GTRs, so right.

The interior of the Diablo VT is fresh as hell…..

I feel like I’m getting jaded living in SoCal.  2 hellcats, a BMW M5, and a Mercedes Benz GT roll in and I wasn’t even excited……..

The event is only a few hours long, so people started rolling out…….

After the morning meet, we hung out at our friend Chris’s house.  He was assisting me correcting some fitment issues I had with my Ap2 taillights I installed years ago that was bothering me…..It is better now, but I feel like I need to find a better solution to make it even more flush.  Chris is a Mechanical Engineer by trade and he makes his old Custom wings for the S2000.  They are extremely secure and actually engineered and tested, unlike other brands…..*ahem battle aero*…… Check it out here


He also helped me put on my H Badge sticker I bought from Japan. It covers the holes in the trunk left by my old emblem. I’m really bad at putting on stickers, I always end up getting air bubbles in them one way or another. I think it looks great, very Porsche GT3RS-esque.

Life: Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in

Checked out a cool Ferrari Meet last month at the Petersen Museum in LA, the event was for Enzo Ferrari’s birthday. I’m not really a “Ferrari guy”, but I do appreciate the mark. It’s always weird going to an event for a car you don’t own, like myself going to an NSX meet….Meet starts early as fuck, like seriously early, doors open at 8, I think I woke up around 6:40 to start getting ready to wake up at 7am.  It’s at events like this I feel so insignificant as an S2000 driver…only pushes me to work on it more!

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
Of course being a Ferrari event you can expect to see RED, lots of RED, with some yellow and black thrown into the mix.

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
It did seem like a majority of the Ferraris were 360s and 430s, perhaps they are dropping in price and are more attainable.

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
Ferrari 458 Spider ass shot

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
Ferrari Testarossa, this car screams 80s

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
Ferrari 458 Speciale

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
I was super excited to see a Ferrari F40 in person. It’s my favorite Ferrari, it has everything I love about Ferrari, the racing hertiage, spartan interior, use of carbon fiber, Twin Turbos, beautiful 80s body lines…….fucking awesome. This must of seemed like a rocketship if you compare it the other cars at the time..

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in

My lovely wife actually bought me a Ferrari F40 Legoset for Christmas. I love the rear iconic round taillights.

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
My favorite detail on the F40 is the rear louvered rear engine cover. I love how the intercoolers just peaks out.

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
Beautiful steel manifold

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in

Ass shot! Triple tip mufflers are badass!  They didn’t display it, but the entire rear section lifts up, exposing the entire engine compartment….
Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in

Lotus Esprit in the non F car parking, this particular car was on a petrolicious video

The color is so unique, it’s like a powder baby blue.  It’s hard to find such pristine examples of this car


Also in the non F  car parking was this new gen Nissan GTR .  


and down the row from that Nissan GTR was this Acura NSX


I like the Prodrive rims, don’t see to many of these on NSXs


the purple color really set this GTR off, it also makes it really seem like a pig compared to the sleek and slim NSX.


There was this beautiful example of an E28 BMW M5 


V12 of a 599 GTB


Ferrari 512


Nice to look at a beefy metal radiator compared to the plastic ones that come stock in our Japanese cars.


Carbon Fiber wheel well

V12! interesting how the headers are so high up, almost hanging off of the valve covers


Insane how each louvre is carbon fiber.

This is another car I was lusting after.  I’ve always loved the lines of this car, and the Scuderia version of this takes it to the next level.


Carbon Fiber everywhere, makes getting a Mugen intake seem like nothing……


More Carbon fiber in the interior…..


Sweet looking Dino


One of these do not belong…….


Close up on the fender louvres on the 458 Speciale 


Seeing red everywhere


It was refreshing seeing this yellow F355 compared to all the red cars


Of course everyone was out in their best Ferrari gear


I wonder if most of these guys even owned a Ferrari

Ferrari probably makes more money from their clothing line than their actual cars


Ferrari Starter pack, Ferrari shirt, shiny watch, and some colorful loafers…..

Ferrai 360 Challenge Stradale


Ferrari 512 Testarossa leaving the event…..

Hope everyone enjoyed the coverage. Although I’m more of a Japanese car enthusiast personally, it’s nice seeing different cars. SoCal is a crazy place, this was only ONE of the many ferrari events going on that weekend. Most places in the country they are lucky just to have one…. More Japanese car/s2000 content coming soon! thanks for looking

Life: Super Street X Toyo Tires Calendar Launch Meet (Part 2)

Part 2 of my Super Street X Toyo Tires Calendar Launch Post. (56K Warning Pic Heavy) Remember when they used to say that?

Super Street
Sweet Datsun 510

Super Street
My favorite part about these cars is the rear vent on the pillar, The Mercedes 190E also had these….

Super Street
All sorts of cars showed up… Even this Turbo Nissan Sentra….

Super Street
Since I am also an IS300 owner I was really digging this Lexus is300 with altezza front grill and TRD front bumper

Super Street
I really like this TRD front bumper, but I’m a big fan of the stock IS300 projector fogs

Super Street
This car is representing Kawaii Crew, I’m assuming some sort of Anime Otaku group.

Super Street
This random ass woman was speedwalking like crazy through the crowd. No car meet was going to stop her.

Super Street
Another awesome Datsun 510 with a beautiful shade of Red

Super Street
The Datsun 510 is sitting on CCWs

Super Street
Bunch of Porsches with Wings showed up

Super Street
Big ass wings

Super Street
I was feeling this mint Porsche 356 Speedster. The diamond stitched interior is well executed and the chrome accents really make the interior pop.

Super Street
Engine Money shot. Carbs always clean stuff up, we’re so used to seeing wiring with modern cars.

Super Street
The Coachbuilt gas tank is badass

Super Street
White ap2 with an ill fitting ap2 bumper and Blue Regamasters and Spoon Calipers

Super Street
Project Mu Rotors all around!

Super Street
Laguna Blue Ap2 with Chalked tires and Volk CE28N

Super Street
Itasha’ed Mazda Miata with TE37V

Super Street
the hardtop was Stickered up with all sorts of Anime stickers, I wonder how this guy sees out the rear.

Super Street
Mclaren mp4-12c with CF and blue accents.

Super Street
Side shot!

Super Street
Clean EK4 on Regamaster EVO

Super Street
BMW wagon on air with matching shoes and watch

Super Street
I’ve seen this rootbeer colored LS swapped S2000 a few times….

Super Street
Looks like there might be some brake caliper to wheel clearance?

Super Street
High Quality cars were coming in and out all morning

Super Street
The Porsche GT3 Cup Car we saw earlier was now propped up on airjacks!

Super Street
Super Street
A quick look at the rear you can see the cage better and all the electronics

Super Street
The b16 Mini Cooper, there isn’t much clearance between the header and the front of the car….

Super Street

Super Street
Super Street
Cars were starting to leave, I was watching all the GTRs scrape the curb

Super Street
Super Street
Super Street
Super Street
Super Street
Buick Grand National crew

Super Street
Warpped BMW 328i with a voltex wing

Super Street
Really digging the front end

Super Street
If I can get the framing right

Super Street
Super Street

Volk Te37 with Rotora Big Brake Kit

Super Street

Super Street

I’m not the biggest fan of FRS/BRZs, But I was feeling this FRS by Pink Ribbon Racing. I like the pink and blue accents.

Super Street
Brembo STi Brake caliipers and Volk TE37

Super Street
down with Voltex Swan neck wing

Super Street
More of the Grand Nationals

Super Street
Super Street
Super Street
Nice Stock NSX leaving

Super Street

Super Street

Super Street
I like the motorsports grade wiring.

Super Street

Super Street

Super Street
Corvettes were out strong

Super Street

Super Street
Super Street

Super Street
Super Street
Auto Rendering internet celebrity John Sibal

Super Street
More of the Hakosuka Datsun truck

Super Street
Super Street
Super Street
Super Street
Super Street
Super Street
Super Street
Sweet legit JDM Bluebird
Super Street
RHD and all!

Super Street
Super Street
Interesting Cardboard AERO

Super Street

I’ll end this post with me and my buddy’s R8

Life: Petersen Automotive Museum

I had the opportunity to visit the Petersen Automotive Museum in downtown LA a few weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to go here for awhile now, once I got word that they had a Mclaren f1 on display, I knew I had to go! I started the day by stopping by Tatsu No Ya 龍の家 in Pasadena, a Ramen shop that just opened up, it opened up 1 week prior to us stopping by.

We got there there 30min before they opened and were 5th in line.

This is the first location they opened up outside of Japan!


They flew in the staff from Japan….Full review on the food blog soon at


After Brunch we made a B line straight to the Petersen Automotive Museum…


Immediately we were greeted by this Bugatti Veyron

The Petersen has such a variety of cars, I’ve never seen an automotive museum like this before… the one in Boston only had like 12 cars…


I didn’t take pictures of every cars, but only the ones that caught my eyes. This Batmobile is pretty badass.


Steve McQueen’s Jaguar…Them lines…just timeless


Super High Quality cars here, like this Pantera built by the Ring Brothers.


Love looking at the little details like the Carbon Fiber Front Vent


They had the Brand New Ford GT on display


Rear shot


I like the details on the mirror

I like how newer cars are finding ways to implement Carbon Fiber so subtly not so in your face


This rear flying buttress is stunning.


Across from the New Ford GT is the Old Ford GT40 Mark II


I’ve never seen an authentic version up close before




I love looking at velocity stacks since I used to have ITBS on my S2k years ago.


I stepped into a room with ludicrously expensive Silver cars… There has got to be over 30 million dollars in this room….
Some crazy expensive Mercedes Race car


Crazy Expensive Ferrari I’m not too familiar with these so I won’t go into detail….





What I came here for…. Mclaren F1!


Along with the Ferrari F40, this is one of my dream cars….. Seeing how these are going up in price and I didn’t win the lottery, these are getting further and further out of my reach. I think these were 10million dollars last time I checked


This is the ultimate expression in an analogue driver’s car. I like the Center Lock Nut Wheels. I believe these cars came with a crazy torque wrench for this nut.


The rear looks so right. I want to say these came with a titanium exhaust, I love the JDM burnt tips haha.


You can see some of the gold foil peaking through that covers the engine bay.


A Glimpse of the BMW V12 with ITBs with a Carbon Plenum, just my kind of style



James Bond would be proud of this mint Aston


They don’t make interiors like this anymore.


The Mclaren Can AM race car.



Of Course Velocity Stacks! Can’t get enough of Velocity Stacks!


More Velocity stack madness from this Ford Engine


I love perfectly plummed AN lines.

I went into another hall, I believe these were mostly LeMans Race Cars…with some other race cars from other series. I don’t know too much about these nor will I pretend I do. I’ll just post the pictures.





I do know this classic Martini Livery


and Gulf Livery



The last room I really looked at contained some BMW art cars






That Concludes my trip to the Petersen Automotive Museum. Hope you all enjoyed it. The museum offers such a vast variety of cars, from old American cars, to vintage ferrari, even the bulletproof Sema show car (Not Pictured) and Ken Block’s Gymkana car (also not pictured), this place seems to have it all! I only took pictures of a small portion of what this museum has to offer. An honorable mention not pictured is the Forza Room, where you compete in Forza with the full wheel and seat setup and they record the fastest lap times. The Petersen was definitely worth the price of admission. I will leave you off with this shot of the rolls royce lady… Sorry for the lack of S2k content in this post. Hopefully a clean S2k will be featured in this museum soon(they did feature the pink S2k from 2 Fast 2 Furious)!