Life: Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in

Checked out a cool Ferrari Meet last month at the Petersen Museum in LA, the event was for Enzo Ferrari’s birthday. I’m not really a “Ferrari guy”, but I do appreciate the mark. It’s always weird going to an event for a car you don’t own, like myself going to an NSX meet….Meet starts early as fuck, like seriously early, doors open at 8, I think I woke up around 6:40 to start getting ready to wake up at 7am.  It’s at events like this I feel so insignificant as an S2000 driver…only pushes me to work on it more!

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
Of course being a Ferrari event you can expect to see RED, lots of RED, with some yellow and black thrown into the mix.

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
It did seem like a majority of the Ferraris were 360s and 430s, perhaps they are dropping in price and are more attainable.

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
Ferrari 458 Spider ass shot

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
Ferrari Testarossa, this car screams 80s

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
Ferrari 458 Speciale

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
I was super excited to see a Ferrari F40 in person. It’s my favorite Ferrari, it has everything I love about Ferrari, the racing hertiage, spartan interior, use of carbon fiber, Twin Turbos, beautiful 80s body lines…….fucking awesome. This must of seemed like a rocketship if you compare it the other cars at the time..

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in

My lovely wife actually bought me a Ferrari F40 Legoset for Christmas. I love the rear iconic round taillights.

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
My favorite detail on the F40 is the rear louvered rear engine cover. I love how the intercoolers just peaks out.

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
Beautiful steel manifold

Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in
Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in

Ass shot! Triple tip mufflers are badass!  They didn’t display it, but the entire rear section lifts up, exposing the entire engine compartment….
Petersen Ferrari Breakfast Cruise in

Lotus Esprit in the non F car parking, this particular car was on a petrolicious video

The color is so unique, it’s like a powder baby blue.  It’s hard to find such pristine examples of this car


Also in the non F  car parking was this new gen Nissan GTR .  


and down the row from that Nissan GTR was this Acura NSX


I like the Prodrive rims, don’t see to many of these on NSXs


the purple color really set this GTR off, it also makes it really seem like a pig compared to the sleek and slim NSX.


There was this beautiful example of an E28 BMW M5 


V12 of a 599 GTB


Ferrari 512


Nice to look at a beefy metal radiator compared to the plastic ones that come stock in our Japanese cars.


Carbon Fiber wheel well

V12! interesting how the headers are so high up, almost hanging off of the valve covers


Insane how each louvre is carbon fiber.

This is another car I was lusting after.  I’ve always loved the lines of this car, and the Scuderia version of this takes it to the next level.


Carbon Fiber everywhere, makes getting a Mugen intake seem like nothing……


More Carbon fiber in the interior…..


Sweet looking Dino


One of these do not belong…….


Close up on the fender louvres on the 458 Speciale 


Seeing red everywhere


It was refreshing seeing this yellow F355 compared to all the red cars


Of course everyone was out in their best Ferrari gear


I wonder if most of these guys even owned a Ferrari

Ferrari probably makes more money from their clothing line than their actual cars


Ferrari Starter pack, Ferrari shirt, shiny watch, and some colorful loafers…..

Ferrai 360 Challenge Stradale


Ferrari 512 Testarossa leaving the event…..

Hope everyone enjoyed the coverage. Although I’m more of a Japanese car enthusiast personally, it’s nice seeing different cars. SoCal is a crazy place, this was only ONE of the many ferrari events going on that weekend. Most places in the country they are lucky just to have one…. More Japanese car/s2000 content coming soon! thanks for looking

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