DIY: How to install DriveShaft Spacers on an S2000 (Sorta)

A few weeks ago I helped a buddy install Spoon Driveshaft Spacers on his s2000. Driveshaft spacers correct the rear suspension geometry when the car is lowered and reduce strain on the CV joints on the axles.


We went to “Your Dream Garage” in Baldwin Park, essentially it’s a shop that rents out their lifts with basic hand tools for $25 a hour. This is extremely convenient for people like me that live in an apartment and wrenching on your car in the parking garage is frowned upon. The shop is pretty good, but don’t ask the employees for an extra hand since they aren’t actual mechanics themselves and will charge you for your time….. I borrowed a guy’s leg for a brake bleed and they tried to charge me and arm and a leg for that! Tools are all harbor freight, so keep that in mind too, I usually bring my own Snap-on tools.


Here they are setting up Alvin’s Car for the lift or hoist if you’re in another country….The wood planks are for lowered cars incase you are wondering.


The owner of the Shop has an S2k, although he isn’t very enthusiastic about it when you talk to him about it….It does have some quality parts on it, or so it seems. It looks like it has an ASM hood, ASM Fenders, Rear ASM Overfenders, Craftsquare mirrors, CWest N1 Ver.II front bumper…which you don’t see too many nowadays, it used to be relatively popular in 2005-2008ish…. The ASM Fenders are missing the famous Ferrari Blinkers, but for a guy that doesn’t seem to give a shit about his S2k he has a bunch of random and what seems to be authentic parts on his car…. Makes me wonder if he bought the car like that…for some reason to me, the build screams 2008….like it was built around that era. Also the interior of his car has door pull handles like a Porsche GT3 RS, which I didn’t take a picture of.


Once again more quality parts but sort of obscure parts for today’s S2k standards……RAYS 57 Motorsports G07WT Wheels with which seems to be with a Brembo GT-R Big Brake Kit….a 6piston MSRP $8,0000 BBK. It just boggles my mind the owner doesn’t give a shit about this car, maybe rich people problems?

Alvin Raising the car on the lift


Wheels are Enkei RPF1s (duh, aka ap2v4) and HKS Low Power Exhaust, oops I meant Hi-Power….


We used their airguns to pop the wheels off…Like his Apexi Coilovers?


To gain access and provide wiggle room so we can move the axle you need to unbolt the upper bolts on the upper control arms. An airgun made quick work of this.


Be sure to mark where the axle meets the diff assembly. We used the airgun with a long extension and a box wrench on the other side of the nut to remove each bolt…


Pop in the driveshaft spacers and make sure everything is aligned right and bolt everything back together…. around this time my battery on my camera died…..

Hope you guys enjoyed my Sorta DIY on how to install Driveshaft Spacers. We installed the spoon driveshaft spacers since they are higher quality than the rest of the junk out there, it is made out of steel compared to the other brands that make their spacers out of aluminum.

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