Alpha-N tuning, the shit.

Today I auto-x’ed my car for the first time in ages.  It was okay, but I think I have plenty of power on the table.  I think I did well for someone who is essentially a newbie.   I’ve been street tuning my car via map-based tuning, it works okay but I’m running super rich and getting horrible gas mileage. The problem with tuning ITBs is the fact that even under partial throttle, it is still pulling in 89+Kpa, which is pretty much full throttle on a normal car. So basically you have to choose between getting a good tune that makes good power and horrible gas mileage, or great gas mileage but horrible power. I chose the first one.

Recently I’ve been playing around with alpha-n tuning.  Basically it calculates the load based on what TPS position you are at. It is awesome,  I can tune it for cruising and when I want to go WOT. The more I learn about ITBs the more I realize that people on the internet are just ignorant saying it is impossible for a street car.  It is mostly hearsay, from a friend of a friend….So far in my experience, I don’t have to get a different tune for different seasons, I can go up in altitude without changing my map, and my Idle with and without AC is great.


I got my ECU back and it looks great. I tried out the alternative wiring diagram and it seems to work well for now….. The 2nd relay does chatter like crazy, I don’t know how good that is for the relay with prolong use.  On another note, I did manage to get my IACV working with my ITBs! The idle is years better, my dumbass plumbed both inserts into the vacuum block before, so I never thought it worked. I have to add an one way check valve between the IACV and the vacuum block. The car works much better with the AC on!





it looks like there is a burned track on my kpro, I hope it’s just the surface……Getting it checked out later this week, I just need to find a person who specializes on circuit boards.  Maybe run stock narrow band after this?


Tech/Review: RSX wideband with Hondata kpro

I’ve had my Hondata Kpro for my s2000 for awhile now. I went with kpro because my car can be ODBII compliant with my ITBs.  No other EMS will allow me to do so. I rate Kpro about 6/10.

This is my grading breakdown:

The Pros:

ODBII compliant
Read engine codes via kpro
User friendly software
Properly updated and maintained

The Cons:

No Wideband! Even though we are using an RSX ecu and have the option for PRB maps
No support for using a RSX wideband
Requires additional hardware
ECT readings are funny when car is started up

On S2ki, a user “JustinC”, gave us a wiring diagram allowing us to use a RSX wideband with PRB maps. This allows us to use many features in Kpro we were not able to use with the stock o2 sensor, such as lean cut. This is the wiring diagram he provided:

I wired everything up and its been working well for the most part. Rarely, I get an engine light when I start up my car, saying that the o2 sensor cannot be read. Recently some members with new Kpro unit have been frying their ECUs with this wideband installed.  Hondata blames us, because we are wiring up an unsupported device. A user, “hybridsol”  is trying to remedy this and make improvements to the original diagram, adding a fuse from the 20A battery feed and adding a coil on the relay. I also utilized these changes with my kpro. Unfortunately, even with those improvements his ecu fried. Upon further investigation, it turns out that the ground on the ecu cannot handle the load when the heater is switched on and off. He suggested another diagram to remedy this problem. This is the remedy he is suggesting:

I am going to try this when I get back home from Boston. I’ll keep you guys posted!!!!

A Unique Mod II

This idea started like any other idea, searching various car forums. I stumbled upon a clubrsx posting about doing an accord key retrofit and making it work on their rsx. The accord key is an all-in-one key, that has the unlock button and the truck popper on one key. I researched quite heavily why this doesn’t work and why no one has tried this.

I posted this on s2ki, “The accord key has the key and the key fob on the same unit. Currently this is not possible to use on the s2k because the s2k keyless entry control module(KECM)has a 307.9 mhz receiver (FCCID E4EG8DJ). This is however, possible on the RSX because it has a 313mhz receiver(FCC ID OUCG8D-355-A).

If I can get this to work, it would then be possible to use the RDX/TL switchblade key also, as seen.

There are a couple of problems to this, the USDM has an 18pin connector, while the UKDM and JDM have a 14 pin connector. I cannot find a full Wiring diagram for the USDM KECM anywhere, just the wiring diagrams for alarms and such. I did find one for the euro-spec connector.. Another problem is the immobilizer, I don’t have to worry about this since Kpro disables the immobilizer. If it is anything like the RSX, you should be able to pry open the key, and swap the immobilizer to the new key.

I have a couple of theoretical solutions to this. One is to get a UKDM KECM with pigtails and use the wiring diagrams of both to wire it in. Another is to see if the antennas in the KECM are the same, and solder it out and into the USDM unit.

If anyone has a full pinout of the USDM, UKDM, and JDM Keyless Entry Control Module, I would sincerely appreciate it.

I know it doesn’t seem worth it for the amount of work and money I’m putting into it, but I think this would a pretty cool upgrade and very OEM looking. I hope someone with more electrical knowledge could help me out.”

Basically, my ideas were to retrofit a car that ran on the same frequency to work with the s2000 or use the UK-spec keyless control unit to work with the car and use an UK-Spec accord key that ran on the same frequency as their Keyless Unit. I read anything I could on the TL/RSX/Civic keyless system. Further researched proved that running those keyless units would not be a very easy job.

Using, I finally ran across a keyless control unit from an 04-05 s2000.  This is exactly what I need. The earlier model s2000 in England used a different keyfob. I bought it (not cheap), It came in 2-3 weeks later, luckily it came with a keyfob, unluckily, it didn’t come with pigtails.  As you can see in the picture, the pin out is a bit different between both of the units. I ran to my harness that I bought for my cluster retrofit awhile back and hacked up the connectors so it would fit into the unit. Now all I needed to do was figure out how exactly to wire this together. An s2ki member posted the pin out and wiring diagram of both of the units, all I had to do was figure out what it meant and how it went together. After comparing both of the diagrams, I figured it out. There are some things included on the the US version not available on the UK version, such as the horn when you press the unlock twice, or the lights flashing when you hit the buttons, or the ability to open the passenger using a second click.

USDM Pinout

UKDM Pinout

UKDM Wiring Diagram

USDM Wiring Diagram

Eventually, I wired everything up and nicely. It worked with the supplied keyfob. I ordered an accord key from the UK, it came in a couple weeks later. I programmed it into my system, it worked great. I tried cutting my accord key blade and JB-welding it into my accord key like what the RSXers do, because the ap1 doesn’t use the “laser cut” keys, but it didn’t turn out so sturdy. I was afraid it would brake apart when I drive it if my leg hit the key. I went ahead and performed an AP2 cylinder retrofit and cut my other accord key to match it and swapped over the internals of the UK accord key unit. Everything fired up as it should. I even went a step further and ordered a red H from japan from the FD2 civic. Its been a long journey, but with the help of the resources of S2ki, I finally figured it out.

The final product:

First post!


My name is Anthony and this is my blog of my 2001 Honda S2000. This is a blog about my s2k, but I’ll post up other car related news too. I’m about to turn 23 years old and I am sadly in my last semester of school (sadly because I’m still in school). I’ve had this car for 3 years now and I plan to keep it forever.  My inspirations are the s2ks in Japan, especially the ASM’ed s2k that Toshi owns. I hope to track my car and keep modding it with the best possible mods.

These pictures don’t reflect the current condition of my car.

Without further adieu, here are pictures of my car:


2001 S2000
– Jenvey ITBs
– Kpro with RSX wideband
– Cusco Oil Catch Can
– J’s racing header
– Berk 70mm HFC
– ASM 70mm Titanium Exhaust
– Toda Valve springs (not installed)
– Odyssey PC680 Battery

– AP2 Front bumper
– AP2 Headlights
– AP2 Radio Door
– AP2 Taillights
– AP2 Center console
– AP2 Dead pedal
– Spoon Wide Rear View mirror
– Alpine Head Unit w/ Modifry DCI
– Mugen Gen III steering wheel
– UKDM Ap2 cluster with 9k redline
– UKDM accord key retrofit
– Works Bell short hub/quick release
– CR shift knob
– Bride Gias seat
– Hard dog rollbar with lower harness bar and diagonal
– Hard dog bulkhead bracket