Hondata Kpro with RSX Wideband Update

When I had my car running on ITBs, it was running super rich, this probably lead to the demise of my RSX wideband sensor which is not working anymore, but all my other sensors are working perfectly, i.e ECT, Gas, and Etc.  I’m not giving up on the rsx wideband yet!  I took apart my kpro, and found this surprise:


Just lik eon the s2ki kpro thread, the A1 is jumped to D8 to ground out the extra voltage.  Hondata denied preforming this mod, I guess when I sent my ecu in to get repaired, they went ahead and did this for me without me asking.  Hopefully my wideband still works, I’m going to go ahead and re-do my wiring, and go back to the original diagram, with all new wires, connectors, and minimal solder.


I’ll keep you guys updated!

Alpha-N tuning, the shit.

Today I auto-x’ed my car for the first time in ages.  It was okay, but I think I have plenty of power on the table.  I think I did well for someone who is essentially a newbie.   I’ve been street tuning my car via map-based tuning, it works okay but I’m running super rich and getting horrible gas mileage. The problem with tuning ITBs is the fact that even under partial throttle, it is still pulling in 89+Kpa, which is pretty much full throttle on a normal car. So basically you have to choose between getting a good tune that makes good power and horrible gas mileage, or great gas mileage but horrible power. I chose the first one.

Recently I’ve been playing around with alpha-n tuning.  Basically it calculates the load based on what TPS position you are at. It is awesome,  I can tune it for cruising and when I want to go WOT. The more I learn about ITBs the more I realize that people on the internet are just ignorant saying it is impossible for a street car.  It is mostly hearsay, from a friend of a friend….So far in my experience, I don’t have to get a different tune for different seasons, I can go up in altitude without changing my map, and my Idle with and without AC is great.

Life: New stuff

My summer classes are finally coming to an end…..well the harder ones at least. I need to start looking for a real job, since I’ll hopefully will be done with classes soon.  I tried the alternate diagram and it seems to work well.  The relay chatter was driving me crazy.  I couldn’t hear my turn signals over it! I made the plunge and bought this solid state relay from Hella.  Hybridsol on s2ki helped me wire it up and it seems to be going strong, so far at least.

I’ve also been working on my friend’s SR20’ed 240sx, which he recently bought. It has a huge ass leak at the exhaust manifold to turbo gasket.  We got it off and broke a bolt off at the turbo to elbow section.  We said F it and dropped it off a machine shop to be taken out. We finally picked it up and a used Tomei expreme elbow. Hopefully everything goes as planned and we can get it in without breaking anymore bolts.


it looks like there is a burned track on my kpro, I hope it’s just the surface……Getting it checked out later this week, I just need to find a person who specializes on circuit boards.  Maybe run stock narrow band after this?