Hondata Kpro with RSX Wideband Update

When I had my car running on ITBs, it was running super rich, this probably lead to the demise of my RSX wideband sensor which is not working anymore, but all my other sensors are working perfectly, i.e ECT, Gas, and Etc.  I’m not giving up on the rsx wideband yet!  I took apart my kpro, and found this surprise:


Just lik eon the s2ki kpro thread, the A1 is jumped to D8 to ground out the extra voltage.  Hondata denied preforming this mod, I guess when I sent my ecu in to get repaired, they went ahead and did this for me without me asking.  Hopefully my wideband still works, I’m going to go ahead and re-do my wiring, and go back to the original diagram, with all new wires, connectors, and minimal solder.


I’ll keep you guys updated!

2 thoughts on “Hondata Kpro with RSX Wideband Update

  1. I have got to get this working again on my car. I have an AEM wideband installed and used for the tune, and still have the RSX wideband installed as the primary and wired according to the original diagram that burnt ecu’s. I disconnected mine as soon as some people had problems and got lucky. At the end of the first tuning session we added closed-loop, but it creates a CEL.

    I am a better-map-signal away from a good tune, finally. I need a vacuum chamber that is bigger, some kind of plenum to get a steadier map reading. There just isn’t enough vacuum draw with the ITBs.

    I haven’t read your site in ages. You ditched the ITBs?

    • I’m going back to the stock manifold in the meantime. I might try out the Toda ITB setup in the future, but for now I just want to get some track time and enjoy the car for what it is.

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