Update: Fuel line Status

Been pretty busy with work lately.  About a couple of months 2 ago, I tried to cut, flare, and use a compression fitting to fit a -5 onto my stock fuel feed line.  Flaring the line while it is still attached to the car was pretty difficult, I could never get a solid flare at the angle I was at.  I saw on the forums that full blown offered a fitting that just screws into the stock fuel line, the only problem with that is, I cut off the fuel line past that point already.  A new fuel feed line was only $30 and a full blown adapter fitting to an AN -6 was only $20, so without a thought I made the plunge.  Here is everything mocked up, I just swapped the fuel line retainer from my old line and installed it.

Here is a more detailed shot of the Fullblown fitting

I went ahead and finished my AN fuel line setup with Stainless braided lines and a russel fuel fitting adapter for a Honda that fits directly onto an s2000 fuel rail.  I used my Koul tool to fit the AN fitting onto my AN line.  This is the best tool you can buy if you’re working with AN lines, no matter how frayed the braided line is, getting it to fit into an AN fitting takes just seconds.

And here is a good video to see how it works.:

After I made the fuel line, I attached the russel Honda adapter and torqued the fuel damper down.  This is the Russel adapter:

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