Just a small…..

Get together.  Sorry for the shit picture, I only have an iphone, you know how that is. That GTI is actually the fastest car among the bunch.  We just had a chill cruise through some backroads. I didn’t go fast at all, I have too many tickets under my belt, and I want to keep it on the track. I started work today, so the s2k is getting less love now.  I really have to pay off these bills!


Life: New stuff

My summer classes are finally coming to an end…..well the harder ones at least. I need to start looking for a real job, since I’ll hopefully will be done with classes soon.  I tried the alternate diagram and it seems to work well.  The relay chatter was driving me crazy.  I couldn’t hear my turn signals over it! I made the plunge and bought this solid state relay from Hella.  Hybridsol on s2ki helped me wire it up and it seems to be going strong, so far at least.

I’ve also been working on my friend’s SR20’ed 240sx, which he recently bought. It has a huge ass leak at the exhaust manifold to turbo gasket.  We got it off and broke a bolt off at the turbo to elbow section.  We said F it and dropped it off a machine shop to be taken out. We finally picked it up and a used Tomei expreme elbow. Hopefully everything goes as planned and we can get it in without breaking anymore bolts.