ITB + TURBO + S2K?!??!?

This is an oldie I remember from awhile back from the old days of s2ki, pre-2.0.  If anyone wanted to do an ITB turbo s2k, it’s been done before.  It seems like he is using Jenvey Throttle bodies, a custom Plenum, Meth injection, and a Garret GT35R turbo.  According to the thread he dyno’ed at 555whp 370 ft0-lbs of torque at 18psi, not exactly the best numbers for the money spent these days, but I’m sure the response is pretty nice.

Alpha-N tuning, the shit.

Today I auto-x’ed my car for the first time in ages.  It was okay, but I think I have plenty of power on the table.  I think I did well for someone who is essentially a newbie.   I’ve been street tuning my car via map-based tuning, it works okay but I’m running super rich and getting horrible gas mileage. The problem with tuning ITBs is the fact that even under partial throttle, it is still pulling in 89+Kpa, which is pretty much full throttle on a normal car. So basically you have to choose between getting a good tune that makes good power and horrible gas mileage, or great gas mileage but horrible power. I chose the first one.

Recently I’ve been playing around with alpha-n tuning.  Basically it calculates the load based on what TPS position you are at. It is awesome,  I can tune it for cruising and when I want to go WOT. The more I learn about ITBs the more I realize that people on the internet are just ignorant saying it is impossible for a street car.  It is mostly hearsay, from a friend of a friend….So far in my experience, I don’t have to get a different tune for different seasons, I can go up in altitude without changing my map, and my Idle with and without AC is great.


I got my ECU back and it looks great. I tried out the alternative wiring diagram and it seems to work well for now….. The 2nd relay does chatter like crazy, I don’t know how good that is for the relay with prolong use.  On another note, I did manage to get my IACV working with my ITBs! The idle is years better, my dumbass plumbed both inserts into the vacuum block before, so I never thought it worked. I have to add an one way check valve between the IACV and the vacuum block. The car works much better with the AC on!




DIY: ITB Filters

I found this cool DIY on minkara. I should buy some filters at Mitsuwa so its more JDM, because I’m such a JDM whore. Even though I can’t read minkara for the most part, I think its much more useful than s2ki these days. Unfortunately S2000 owners are getting younger and younger and s2ki is going in the way of Honda-tech. These kids are too cheap to buy decent tires for their car and would rather spend their money on knock-off parts. If you’re not going to do it right keep it stock! Minkara is so awesome, where else can you find a writeup on how to wire up an ASM Mugen Multivision Meter? Or find pages of LEGIT Recaro and Bride seats pictures?

It’s in! It’s in!

The TPS sensor that came with my Jenvey ITB kit went to crap.  After a month of waiting, my S2000 TPS adapter for my Jenveys finally came in. Installation was okay, in the typical Jenvey fashion, there was no instructions.  There has to be some spring load on the tps before it can be inserted into the adapter and bolted down. After installing the adapter, I scaled my TPS range with kpro. Overall, it was an okay installation, I really wish some instructions could of been supplied with the unit. A part of me wished that I went with the Toda ITB setup. Buying from England is increasingly difficult, the horrible pound to dollar, popularity of the S2000, and R&D products compared to the JDM companies makes JDM products more appealing.

Here is what the adapter looks like (still no DSLR, sorry guys):