It’s in! It’s in!

The TPS sensor that came with my Jenvey ITB kit went to crap.  After a month of waiting, my S2000 TPS adapter for my Jenveys finally came in. Installation was okay, in the typical Jenvey fashion, there was no instructions.  There has to be some spring load on the tps before it can be inserted into the adapter and bolted down. After installing the adapter, I scaled my TPS range with kpro. Overall, it was an okay installation, I really wish some instructions could of been supplied with the unit. A part of me wished that I went with the Toda ITB setup. Buying from England is increasingly difficult, the horrible pound to dollar, popularity of the S2000, and R&D products compared to the JDM companies makes JDM products more appealing.

Here is what the adapter looks like (still no DSLR, sorry guys):

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