Photoshoot: June 2016 Photoshoot!

Photoshoot: June 2016 Photoshoot!

Happy 4th of July everyone.  Last week Warren was back in town from South Korea so we decided to get together for a quick photoshoot!  It was getting late and we were not in the mood to move our cars 100000 times….. so this is a bunch of shots in different angles.  I lost a few shots because my camera was set on auto ISO on the tripod, the pictures weren’t up to my standards so they weren’t posted.

This line up of cars  is seen plenty of times if you are a frequent visitor of this site.  From the left to right, my car, Alan’s car, Areen’s car, Chris’s car, and Warren’s car

Chris Lum’s Mugen AP2 and Warren’s AP2 with the ASM V1 rear.

Warren’s Ap2 is also rocking an Authentic Amuse Dry Carbon Hood and Amuse R1 front bumper….. The Mugen hardtop Bronze CE28N and Stoptech brakes are a nice touch…. You can see the different types of S2000 hoods in this shot.  Of course, everything is authentic!

Chris’s clean Mugen Dry CF hood and Mugen intake.

Areen’s Carbon Fiber Spoon Spark plug cover signed by Mr. Spoon himself.  The battery setup is by KcMachine
Closing this photoshoot out with Areen’s Amuse’d Ap2.

Life: Amusing Meeting

Happy Holidays and Happy New Years everyone. This past week we held a special meet for our friend Warren who came all the way from South Korea…. In addition to Warren’s arrival, we also had a secret santa swap.

Of course being car enthusiasts we all exchanged car related gifts….


Collin received an NSX-R GT poster, because he has a White NSX himself…. I received a small drone, sorry no pictures of it..

Amuse R1 S2000

It was the first time Warren got to drive his car with his Authentic Amuse Hood Painted. Warren lives in Korea and before he left he dropped his car off with the painter to get the hood painted. According to him, finding a painter that does a good job painting Dry Carbon is quite difficult, it looks like signature autobody did a good job…. Check out Warren’s Build here


This Authentic Amuse Bonnet Street version is insane, peep the quality. The hood is incredibly light I think it is even lighter than Chris Lum’s Mugen Dry CF hood. I find it interesting how the hood does not have a hole for the hood prop and the hood latch looks like an afterthought. I’m assuming the hoodlatch is like that because the race version is essentially the same top but minus the hood latch…Hopefully one day I can be baller enough to upgrade my FRP ASM hood to the CF version.

Of course to compliment his CF hood he also bought this Mugen Intake BRAND NEW! Don’t mind the dust, he just got back from his flight this day and drove it straight from the body shop.


The rear of his car got some love too with this -04 ASM rear bumper. I can’t imagine the money that was being spent, Amuse Bonnet, ASM rear Bumper, Mugen intake, and ASM 70mm SS all done within a month…..


His Brake setup is sweet too. Bronze CE28N + Stoptech Trophy Kit…..


More Brake + Wheel Pr0n



I got a better picture of Chris Lum’s Famous Mugen S2k this time since his car was not in the dark….


We did a quick shot of the different S2K hoods. My car on the left with the ASM bonnet, Mugen Bonnet in the Center, and Amuse Bonnet on the right. Everything is authentic, no Mugen-style here….We’re just missing J’s racing, veilside, and a few more I can’t think of.


A few more shots



I’ll leave off here with a picture of the squad. It’s crazy how 2015 played out…. I got my s2k back, I decided to move my ass to California on my own dime, met some awesome like minded enthusiast, and even had a few different jobs….. I’m sure 2016 is going to be even better!