Life: Amuse done 3 ways

I hope you guys aren’t sick of seeing the same cars from the same meets, but I am trying to give the most authentic look into my car life. It isn’t always glamorous with crazy builds left and right, but rather myself hanging out with like minded enthusiasts and enjoying our hobby. This is my first time in a long time enjoying winter without snow! Seeing as it doesn’t really snow here in SoCal, the car events do not end….

Power House Amuse R1
I didn’t have my tripod with me today so I tried my best to get pictures somewhat in focus…..Aside from the big ass tree in the way, it is nice to see how differently the Amuse R1 front bumper can look with different styles of S2k and in different colors….

Alan brought out his New Formula Red Amuse R1 frontend S2k with a Voltex wing and CE28N…. I feel like if you follow this formula, you’ll have a solid S2k….. Voltex + Recaro + Ohlins + CE28N = Awesome S2k (sounds familiar?)


This is not a Kia Soul, Tim brought out his Hyundai Genesis Coupe with a very interesting Turbo Setup.


This kit was originally developed by Greddy for their SEMA Hyundai Genesis build years ago…. There is only one of of these kits ever made, so this makes it 1 of 1, how’s that for exclusivity!


If this Intake manifold looks familiar, it’s actually a Greddy unit made for a SR20DET but adapted by welding the flange from the Genesis manifold! In the Nissan Silvia world, the Greddy intake manifold is widely copied. It’s awesome seeing such an iconic SR20 Manifold on his Hyundai.

Areen’s Spoon Build is so insane and the quality of the parts on his car are equally mental. I always find new things on his car that catches my eye. I’m blessed to have this dude as my friend since his spoon build is one of the top in the country…. or will be soon 🙂 Checking out his Spoon Rear wing, there is a super jdm sticker detailing how to take car of the wing.

Talking about mad parts. His AUTHENTIC Carbon Fiber Mugen Hardtop is a piece of true beauty. This is one of the few units I’ve ever seen in my entire life and one of few in the nation. The replicas don’t come anywhere close to this QUALITY and FITMENT…..

Took a closer look at his Spoon Bonnet/hood. I’m actually a really big fan of this hood…..It’s refreshing seeing this after seeing so many fake ones…. The Hood fits perfectly.

Interesting LED trunk light setup. Does the job pretty well.

I’m going to end this with a shot of my interior, if you are wondering, the driver’s Recaro is an IS-11 ASM and the passenger side is an SPG.

Life: Tech day!

After the new years my friends decided to host a tech day. We all had various maintenance items to address on our cars or some people just took it as an opportunity to hang out.


Having an accessible lift definitely made it easier. The red Miata was doing a clutch job.


Black S2k with Regamasters, I don’t see too many S2000s with Regamaster wheels these days….


Silver S2k with Black CE28RT in 17×10 +45? I love the look of the RT Edition C28, I like how the the lip is machined not painted. The machined Volk logo is also badass! No peeling stickers here! Funny not so funny conscience, I saw his car at JCCS Neo Classics a few month ago, this was before I didn’t know who owned this car.



Voltex 1S Wing! I think the best looking “streetable” s2000 Wing on the market.


That Carbon life yo.


Everyone was working on various car maintenance. Andy installed some JPM Coachworks interior pieces for his BRZ. The quality is superb and it flows with the interior of the BRZ….This is the CLUSTER HOOD IN ALCANTARA


It also helps when you have the JPM Coachworks Shiftboot….else known as the 6MT SHIFT BOOT IN ALCANTARA


and JPM Coachworks Kneepad….KNEE PADS IN ALCANTARA


How cool is this? Official Honda preset 80FtLbs Torque wrench for wheel lugs.


Areen’s S2k Looking all Spoon and multicolored


Chris Lum’s ASM duckbill


End this off with my ASM goodie, the ASM seat rear cover 🙂

Life: Photoshoot!

Recent photoshoot with the guys this past week.


We are posting up waiting for the rest of the guys to catch up with us. Areen’s Spoon’ed out S2k and Colin’s BB6 Prelude


For some reason my trunk doesn’t stay flush anymore. I think I put something in the trunk that must of bent a torsion rod… It means I definitely have to get an ASM trunk now!


A Few different perspectives.


Areen got some new parts, he’s just waiting to get them painted.


I shot this with my trusty 5dmkii with a wide angle lens and my Sony a7 with a 50mm……

Colin’s infamous BB6 Prelude. I remember he owned this Prelude when I used to have my 5th Gen Prelude years ago….. I can’t believe he still has it to this day


White Hondas always look good with Red seats. Gold CE28Ns are a nice contrast to the White.

What sets Colin’s BB6 apart from other Preludes in the USA is the Super Rare Wise Square/Behrman Front and Rear bumpers. Wise Square/Behrman is actually a JDM VIP company, it is interesting how they make parts for the 5th Gen Prelude. In the rear he is running a Mugen rear wing. My favorite part is the JDM Fog lights! Back in our day they didn’t make replica JDM fog lights….. I had the same fog lights in my old Prelude.


Ever so timeless Volk CE28N and Spoon ITR calipers! A well executed car is absolutely timeless, it will look great 20+ years in the future as it does today. Nothing trendy on the car like stance or super wide body kits to make this car dated….


S2k Steering wheel, like the one I used to have in my Prelude. The Red Bride seats make the interior.


EJ’s SuperCharged OEM+ Type-r inspired ap1 build. A well executed build using OEM or oem like components, like ap2 v3 rims, CR Spoiler, Amuse R1 Front bumper, and Red DC5 ITR seats. I posted some pictures here


His newly powder coated ap2v3 rims look great with the Stoptech calipers.


I know I don’t post too many pictures here are some rare pictures of my current setup……



I feel like I need Craftsquare mirrors to complete my exterior look. The OEM mirrors look too bulky for me…..

Some Pictures shot by my friend Nick at Here

I like how my ASM 70mm Titanium Exhaust looks here.

My One of One Mugen wheel, because the U and E is worn out at the bottom there….




Life: Winter Drive: Automotive Gathering + Toy Drive

This past Saturday morning I decided to check out the Winter Drive: Auto gathering at Santa Anita Park. Winter Drive is a car meet and Toy drive for kids this Christmas and Santa Anita Park is actually home to a Horse Racing track, the Venue is huge and can accommodate a tremendous amount of cars. Luckily for me, Santa Anita park is only a 15min drive from my place. The event starts at 10am, I got there around 11ish. The rule with these car shows is that you should show up early, like when the cars roll in. Usually the best cars show up around that time. As I was coming in, I saw a Ferrari Laferrari leaving the show…. I’ve seen like 3 of these things this year….Only in California I swear.

I left around 10. I met up with my friend and his Audi TT… I mean R8 and we rolled to the show together. It was in the mid 70s all afternoon, it felt like summer in Boston haha.


Sometimes I never know what to take pictures of at this car shows, I’m just overwhelmed by the shear number of quality cars there, I instantly become jaded….


My first time seeing RWB cars in real life. They are….. Exactly what they look like online. I remember looking at years ago and seeing Stella Artois for the first time and being blown away, the rawness of the car, how wide it was, just seemed so cool. Now they seem a bit sedate and bit a cookie cutter….I still think Stella Artois is damn cool.


Not every day you see a Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR, especially at at car show. Crazy Crazy expensive…. I think <$3 Mil? The transporter is just as cool as the car.


Definitely a homologation special.


All smiles around this car


The Mclaren Merecedes SLR is another one of my favorites, even though Paris Hilton drove it for a bit….. I think I have a soft spot for the Silver Arrow….. It would look better without this kit.


I like this “couchbuilt” BMW Z4 by Bulletproof automotive. The diamond stitching on the door panel is perfect. The wood shiftknob is a nice touch. Google the car if you want to see the exterior!


Out of all these high dollar cars, there was a small gathering around this Pagani Huayra. It was my first time seeing this in person and it does look magnificent.


There were a few Porsche 918 in attendance.


But I was drawn to this R34 GTR more. It was done up pretty nice, with TE37 and Stoptech calipers. It’s funny to think in Japan, an R34 GTR would probably not be in the same crew with a Porsche 918, but in the due to the rarity they can roll haha.

Here’s the same car racing a 918…..


E46 M3 with the airbox removed and trumpets added.


Magnus Walker and his crew showed up….


I never thought I would see Magnus Walker in person, but here he is….


He was with this White RWB Porsche


The Diversity at this show was great.


This Lexus LFA was looking mighty tasty.


I like how the Side Markers bulged out.


They seem very aerodynamic


They were a few R32 GTR Skylines in attendance. We’re going to see a lot more of these as time goes on.


Of course the Granddaddy of all Skylines was there, the Hakosuka…..

I met up with a few s2000 friends and we went to Santa Anita Mall to grab a few bites…..


Shout out to Areen for taking this photo. He has a very spooned out S2k if you guys are curious……

Stay tuned. I have my first track day next post!

Life: Cold Meet life

It’s been surprisingly chilly the past week or so. Temps at night hitting the upper 40’s sometimes…. But still the meet goes on. Checked out the Irvine meet this past week….


That Silver car with the CF hood is actually Collin’s new s2k. It’s a hodgepodge of legit JDM parts, such as ASM fenders, Spoor rear overfenders, Spoon hardtop with bulletproof remix windows, and 18″ CE28s…..


I took a closer look at EJ’s Amuse Front GPW s2000.


His AP2 v3 rims with spacers to run his Stoptech BBK on Project Mu Club Sport Pads


I love it when I see fellow legit Amuse Bumpers


His interior consists of DC5 Recaros on Bride Rails


Science of Speed Super Charger Kit!!!!!


NA1 NSX on RPF1s


This “ricey” GDB WRX/STI? showed up… certainly grabbed my attention.


BRZ on STi wheels. He has some other interesting upgrades, such as Rigid collars…..

Here is some crappy pictures of another super charged car I saw this past Thursday.


Owner has had this car for over 10 years…. He’s rocking the Comptech Super Charger. He drove this thing all the way from Chicago!


Something must be in the water with these supercharged guys, they all seem to need Big Brake Kits. In his case, he has Wilwood Calipers behind his Ap1 Rims….running 10 year old Potenza S02s. I don’t remember the last time I saw Potenza S02 tires……

That’s a wrap, till next time!

Quick Snaps: Halloween M & M Donuts run

Ran down to M&M Donuts in Anaheim with some of the 626 bros on Halloween. Typically the wait is 2 hours, but on this particular day there was no wait! Took some quick snaps in the parking lot.

Excuse the dust on my car!

Rock chips for days because I actually drive this thing! Of course everything is real here, no fakes here.



Life: JCCS Neo Classics + Meet

I’ve been really enjoying my life in SoCal…. Especially the car scene, my work sucks and is really draining so the car stuff brings some balance to my life. California has everything, meets, canyon roads, loads of race tracks close by… This past Saturday I checked out JCCS Neo Classics. Neo Classics is cars from the 80s and 90s. that aren’t classics yet, but will be in the future. It’s pretty much the cars from my childhood/ the golden age of Japanese cars. They were tons of cars, such as Rx7s, Supras, and other Iconic cars. I only took pictures of cars that caught my eye.

I saw this after I parked my car, a foreshadow of things to come

MKIII Supra with a 2J

Beautiful Sprinter on Watanabes

I forgot the car, but i was either a RX-2 or RX-3 with a 13B swap



some super JDM’ness…..

Some R34s, of course they were registered in Canada

An imported R32 GTR with possibly some parts from JDM Tuner Sun Line Racing



An MR2 crew in full force


I liked the steering wheel stickers on this car


A Toyota Century looking fresh…..

This NA1 has ITBs from Science of Speed, which look like Jenvey Units, like the ones I used to have. I like the clean vaccuum tank integrated into the setup.

AE86 with 20V swap and ITBs

One of the most interesting cars at the show, a mint Galant VR4


4WS 2.0i DOHC 16V Inter Cooler Turbo….What a mouthful

Of course I scooped out a few S2ks in the parking lot….

I like the Ce28 setup with Stoptech Calipers…..Classic

Or this Suzuka with an Authetic(took many fakes out there) Amuse Front bumper, J’s Racing tow hook, CE28s, with Spoon Calipers….

Another cool car. Silverstone S2k with a Voltex Wing, Painted Volex Difuser, I believe Mag Blue Ce28s (didn’t take a picture of it for some reason), and what looks like an ASM Siren Exhaust or the EVS exhaust……


I like the slight tint on the Voltex Diffuser
DSC05044After the meet, I went to buy groceries, I met some S2k enthusiasts at a cafe nearby. They invited me out to one of their meets, I checked it out on Tuesday. Here are some pictures from their meet…..

Spoon’ed out Sebring with Authentic Mugen$$ CF hardtop, ASM seats, and more….

My car next to him

Some other cool cars showed up, like this mint white NSX on CE28s


To end the post, here are some updates with my s2k….

Got rid of my Spoon Engine Mount rings..


and acquired a shit ton of Mugen Bolts…..


Till next time.

Finds: RacingMinds’ Track beast

Singapore is known for extremely high taxes on cars. Cars in Singapore are triple of what we would pay in the US. An S2k would cost upwards of 100k USD! Even though their cars are the price of a Ferrari in the US, Singapore has some of the most devout car fanatics that build their cars up with only the best of the best parts. This car is a great example, “racingminds” on s2ki. I believe her no longer owns this car, since I saw it up for sale a few years back.

Craft Square mirrors…..


Motion Street Dampers with Eibach Springs…..

Cusco Sway bars and Ikeya Formula Arms

Awesome brake ducting

Takata Green CE28s


Here is he tracking the car at Sepang Circuit in Malaysia

Another shot of the Ikeya Formula Arms and Motion dampers




Jenvey ITBs

J’s Racing Header


Recaro RS-G limited

Oil Filter stopper to keep the filter from coming off at the track

At a Gymkhana event

Pick Ups: Recaro SPG seats

Recaro > Bride


Recaro seats are super high quality, you can see why they are an OEM manufacture, the fabric feels great, and the FRP back is really solid.  I sold my bride gias seat + seat rail and passenger seat rail and bought these. Don’t get me wrong, the My bride Gias  was an excellent seat with excellent rails. I just need something that I can really track, and not red.  Red seats look great, but you always have to clean them since they get dirty easily. I’m going back to basics with my car, it was too nuts with everything, maybe someday again….