Life: Cold Meet life

It’s been surprisingly chilly the past week or so. Temps at night hitting the upper 40’s sometimes…. But still the meet goes on. Checked out the Irvine meet this past week….


That Silver car with the CF hood is actually Collin’s new s2k. It’s a hodgepodge of legit JDM parts, such as ASM fenders, Spoor rear overfenders, Spoon hardtop with bulletproof remix windows, and 18″ CE28s…..


I took a closer look at EJ’s Amuse Front GPW s2000.


His AP2 v3 rims with spacers to run his Stoptech BBK on Project Mu Club Sport Pads


I love it when I see fellow legit Amuse Bumpers


His interior consists of DC5 Recaros on Bride Rails


Science of Speed Super Charger Kit!!!!!


NA1 NSX on RPF1s


This “ricey” GDB WRX/STI? showed up… certainly grabbed my attention.


BRZ on STi wheels. He has some other interesting upgrades, such as Rigid collars…..

Here is some crappy pictures of another super charged car I saw this past Thursday.


Owner has had this car for over 10 years…. He’s rocking the Comptech Super Charger. He drove this thing all the way from Chicago!


Something must be in the water with these supercharged guys, they all seem to need Big Brake Kits. In his case, he has Wilwood Calipers behind his Ap1 Rims….running 10 year old Potenza S02s. I don’t remember the last time I saw Potenza S02 tires……

That’s a wrap, till next time!

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