Life: SevenStock + Irvine Meets

SevenStock + Irvine Meets

Earlier this month I decided to check out Seven Stock, probably one of the largest gathering of RX-7s and RX-8s in North America. I’m not too big of a Rotary guy, but I do respect them. My dream car is an FD Rx7 with an RE-Amemiya kit and 4 rotor swap…….In conjuction with the show portion of the event, there was also a track day running simultaneously. I swung by for a bit to check out some of the cars.


I saw Nick’s S2k there. Ap2 front and what seems to be completely stock other than that….. Here shoots photos check him out here


Walking around the pits I saw this interesting looking BH5 Subaru Legacy Wagon…. I used to have an earlier model of this car years ago that always had headgasket issues…. He just got off the track because his coolant reservoir melted…..


Which revealed this mammoth of an engine… The whole drivetrain is from a Pontiac GTO. He told me he was sick of changing blown head gaskets and did the next most logical thing swap in an LS engine. The answer is Always LS.


Which now effectively makes this an RWD BH5 Legacy Wagon.


He told me he is running an air ride suspension setup and it performed surprisingly well on the track. I am jealous of the amount of cargo space he has, it’s difficult hauling wheels back and forth is our IS300!


This Itasha’d out FC RX-7 Caught my Eye with Neon Genesis Evangelion Artwork on the car.


A Variety of cars showed up for the track day, you can see the 911 to the right and the Alfa Romeo Giulia


I don’t know what early rx car this is, but the front end is very Hakosuka I think…….


Rotary Powered cars for days


Clean FC Rx-7


Rotary Powered Truck of some sort……


Motley crew of FC RX-7s


It looks like Lotus Cup was running this weekend too

Bonus! here are some pictures of the meet in Irvine.


Quick pictures of this NA2 NSX



GPW NSX are getting harder to find and appreciating in price like crazy recently.


Chris Lum’s S2ki Famous Mugen’d out Black S2k. It’s funny how the cars I remember from S2ki I’m meeting their respective owners in real life now.


Speaking of people I remember online, here is Colin, I remember him from my Honda Prelude Days……His Ap2 has a random assortment of Legit JDM parts, such as ASM front fenders, Spoon Rear Fenders, Spoon Hardtop, Mugen exhaust, Mugen Bumpers, CE28s in 18″ Spec….. and what looks to be Project Mu Brake Rotors


This will look great when it is all painted in color matched……

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