Life: Early December Meet

Another week gone by, another meet to attend.

A few interesting cars showed up….. A Porsche Cayman Gt4 and a Porsche 996 911 Turbo. Dunno if it’s because I’m an S2k Otaku, but does the Porsche Cayman GT4 Wing look like an S2000 Mugen wing? I believe the owner picked up the 996 911 Turbo for a good price while the Porsche market on the 996 was relatively slow. Turbo Porsches are awesome in any shape or form to me, even the un-loved 996 gen.


Chris Lum showed up in his FAMOUS Mugen’d out S2k check out the build thread here I took a in depth look at his Mugen intake. The quality is insane, I used to have a password JDM intake back in the day and this one definitely blows it out of the water. Even comparing this intake to the J’s racing intake, you can just tell the Mugen intake is much better built. It’s what I would expect from a company that used to manufacture f1 Quality parts! I looked closer at his ASM Cooling Plate, which is definitely a Cusco plate that ASM must of contracted them to build. It looks pretty identical to my Cusco cooling plate. If I ever get a Mugen intake in the future, I will probably use an ASM cooling plate as a template and cut my Cusco Cooling Plate.

I looked closer at his Mugen Bonnet, it felt extremely lightweight, much lighter than my FRP ASM Bonnet. You can just tell this is a quality autoclaved carbon masterpiece, the weave looks perfect. Lifting the Mugen Bonnet, he is running Science of speed hood dampers, the build of dampers are very robust. The dampers feature thick stainless steel plates with steel ball studs used to mount the aluminum rods. I wish I took pictures of this, but comparing the SOS units to the TEIN or GREDDY units, you can tell Science of Speed did all their homework….

My first real track day is on this upcoming Sunday. Wish me luck guys!

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