Pick Ups: RHD Karo Floor mat + 2005 lexus IS300

Quick pick ups…. I still can’t stomach paying $500 for floor mats so I got these Karo RHD floormats. I already have a set of Brand new Honda Premium Access Floormats somewhere….. I swapped the RHD pass and driver’s floormats, they fit perfectly in JDM configuration, but I couldn’t stand how the rubber step pad was on the passenger side…..


2nd major pickup, is an IS300 for Bunny. I’m currently driving it as a daily driver. It’s comfy, has leather interior, stock HID headlights, and has bumper clearance for days. RWD is no big deal anymore, since I don’t have to deal with snow. Excuse the chrome rims…. I must not mod this car, I must not mod this car, I must not mod this car, maybe chargespeed fenders? I must not mod this car……


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