Meet Life / Pickups: ASM bolts

I recently picked up some ASM bolts thanks to my friend Chris that brought them all the way from ASM in Japan.

I took this picture during my visit to¬†ASM I didn’t pick the bolts up when I visited for whatever reason. When I found out Chris was going to Japan, I jumped at the opportunity to get the ASM bolts to complete my cooling plate setup.


Before I get too much into that, meetlife!


I noticed that all authentic Mugen Carbon Fiber Hardtops Spot like this when there is some moisture in the air….. I’m assuming this is where they glue the hardtop together….


Nemo’s NA2 NSX was looking mighty fine. I like the DC5 Recaro seats! The car looks OEM, but the further you look into it, the more small details you can find….such as the Stop Tech trophy big brake kit.

Or this Science of Speed SuperCharger Kit….


I don’t know the exact numbers, but I do know that White NA2 NSX are extremely rare. Future classic for sure….


Where there is one White NA2…..There always seems to be another nearby. This one is going for an ARC Theme and was rocking a variety of ARC products….


I love the Comptech Strutbar. Not many of these around….


Had a stand off with Photographer Nick Hur


The fender extensions on Areen’s Spoon wide fenders


It was our Buddy Colin’s birthday. We all chipped in and got them this autoart NSX model as a gift for him since he is an NSX owner himself.


Sung checking out his new Oil pan with a Moroso baffle welded in. I feel like this is more affective than my alloy craft oil pan baffle that I have in my S2000


Fast forward a few days….Areen with his new wheel setup…. Volk Racing G25 in Prism Silver. The Color is insane, depending on the angle you are looking at the wheel, the color is constantly changing…. all a matter of perspective


The wheel was in the shadows, I had to bright it out of the darkness with lightroom……

Remember the picture at the top of this post…. Chris bought me back that exact bolt set…..


ASM License plate bolts!


And with that, this completes my cooling plate setup! I previously only had 2 Mugen bolts on my car…. the ASM bolts and the Mugen bolts look exactly the same, they are probably made at the same place.


Thanks Chris for the bolts!


Life: Early December Meet

Another week gone by, another meet to attend.

A few interesting cars showed up….. A Porsche Cayman Gt4 and a Porsche 996 911 Turbo. Dunno if it’s because I’m an S2k Otaku, but does the Porsche Cayman GT4 Wing look like an S2000 Mugen wing? I believe the owner picked up the 996 911 Turbo for a good price while the Porsche market on the 996 was relatively slow. Turbo Porsches are awesome in any shape or form to me, even the un-loved 996 gen.


Chris Lum showed up in his FAMOUS Mugen’d out S2k check out the build thread here I took a in depth look at his Mugen intake. The quality is insane, I used to have a password JDM intake back in the day and this one definitely blows it out of the water. Even comparing this intake to the J’s racing intake, you can just tell the Mugen intake is much better built. It’s what I would expect from a company that used to manufacture f1 Quality parts! I looked closer at his ASM Cooling Plate, which is definitely a Cusco plate that ASM must of contracted them to build. It looks pretty identical to my Cusco cooling plate. If I ever get a Mugen intake in the future, I will probably use an ASM cooling plate as a template and cut my Cusco Cooling Plate.

I looked closer at his Mugen Bonnet, it felt extremely lightweight, much lighter than my FRP ASM Bonnet. You can just tell this is a quality autoclaved carbon masterpiece, the weave looks perfect. Lifting the Mugen Bonnet, he is running Science of speed hood dampers, the build of dampers are very robust. The dampers feature thick stainless steel plates with steel ball studs used to mount the aluminum rods. I wish I took pictures of this, but comparing the SOS units to the TEIN or GREDDY units, you can tell Science of Speed did all their homework….

My first real track day is on this upcoming Sunday. Wish me luck guys!

Life: Cold Meet life

It’s been surprisingly chilly the past week or so. Temps at night hitting the upper 40’s sometimes…. But still the meet goes on. Checked out the Irvine meet this past week….


That Silver car with the CF hood is actually Collin’s new s2k. It’s a hodgepodge of legit JDM parts, such as ASM fenders, Spoor rear overfenders, Spoon hardtop with bulletproof remix windows, and 18″ CE28s…..


I took a closer look at EJ’s Amuse Front GPW s2000.


His AP2 v3 rims with spacers to run his Stoptech BBK on Project Mu Club Sport Pads


I love it when I see fellow legit Amuse Bumpers


His interior consists of DC5 Recaros on Bride Rails


Science of Speed Super Charger Kit!!!!!


NA1 NSX on RPF1s


This “ricey” GDB WRX/STI? showed up… certainly grabbed my attention.


BRZ on STi wheels. He has some other interesting upgrades, such as Rigid collars…..

Here is some crappy pictures of another super charged car I saw this past Thursday.


Owner has had this car for over 10 years…. He’s rocking the Comptech Super Charger. He drove this thing all the way from Chicago!


Something must be in the water with these supercharged guys, they all seem to need Big Brake Kits. In his case, he has Wilwood Calipers behind his Ap1 Rims….running 10 year old Potenza S02s. I don’t remember the last time I saw Potenza S02 tires……

That’s a wrap, till next time!