Life: JCCS Neo Classics 2016

Super Picture heavy post! I finally had some time to go through the pictures. I’m a big fan of JCCS Neo Classics, it’s the first real show I went to when after I moved to SoCal. Last year was a treat, this year was just as good.  I missed out on the normal JCCS this year because I was invited by my friend to the filming of The Grand Tour, I was in the crowd in the opening scene in the first episode.

I rolled with my buddy Chris with his Speedhunters famous k20R Swapped Lotus Elise/Exige.  Speedhunters story here.

Japanese cars from the 90s are finally eligible for importation, we can expect to see more and more cool jdm cars stateside.  This yellow car has a liter bike engine…. I can’t remember which one…

Looking good on these TE37

They were a few NSX in attendance, they were all mildly modded.

My friend EJ brought out his Type-R themed Ap1 with a SOS Supercharger

Datsun 240z were properly represented.

Particularly from this group, M’s Factory.

Next to this rad Toyota Crown, they were giving out free PRETZ! I may of took a box…. or two…. or three?


Edited this in a way that looks like it came out of a Haynes Manual.

Interesting upholstered Dash in this MR2

Most of these old Toyotas were rocking a 1JZ or 2JZ.

Shakotan Style Hakosuka.

Hand Crank?

This dog was sitting in the car all day.

Best kids car ever….. Calsonic R34 GTR.

I was really feeling this Cressida.  It had me checking craigslist for a few days for a cheap example.

I love the Nismo Rims and Nissan calipers on it….

The pink one next to it was equally rad

I love how boxy these cars are…..Work CR Kai are a nice touch.

2JZGTE swapped!

Some clean RA1 Honda Odysseys showed up.

looks like an H23 Vtec Swap

checked out a few Hondas…..

the showing of the Hondas were Okay…. I would come here for the non H badge cars……

The Parking lot was another show.  Like the row of Skylines, including this R33.

R32 GTR on dealer tags, only of the few ways to get them CA legal…..

I’ve seen this R33 GTR at a few meets now.

Row of Skylines GTR, it is missing the Nissan Stagea that I saw roll out…… Is this really the parking lot?

R34 Skyline GTR in Midnight Purple, a damn rare color.

Family shot

Clean NSX with ZE40s up front and TE37 in the rear.

Nice seeing this roundie BMW 2002

I always loved the styling of these cars.

Some guy showing off his bosozoku style bike on the bed of his truck…..

some Rotary machines and S chassis action

I’ve seen this Itasha 240sx around Torrance…..

Soarer with interesting automated folding roof.


G Nose 240z

Super clean engine bay of this white 240z.

Probably the cleanest  Datsun 240z at the show and on Watanabes!

The interior was redone in blue!

Another 240z with an interesting exhaust.

Lancer Turbo with the Tuned by AMG spark plug cover

Mitsubishi Lancer turbo!

Famous Toyota Supra with ITBs

We decided to check out the Toyota Museum

Factory Fresh Lexus ISF

Is430.  A project between Stillen and Chip Foose made for SEMA,  you can check out the youtube video here

a 3UZ-FE stuffed into an IS300 with Tein Coilovers with EDFC.

Two tone black and red paint job….

They had a few concept cars laying around. I think these are concept cars for the Lexus SC300.

TRD supercharger!

Crazy turbo setup on this Toyota Celica

Factory Fresh Is300

They had a few Toyota 2000gt on display.

This is a super rare LHD model.  Crazy how this is not roped off.

They even had an engine on display

Factory Fresh AE86 Corolla GTS

I’ve never seen one so mint up close

Minty stock Supra

AW11 with plates.  this must be an employee car

The FRS prototype from a few years back.


Life: Winter Drive: Automotive Gathering + Toy Drive

This past Saturday morning I decided to check out the Winter Drive: Auto gathering at Santa Anita Park. Winter Drive is a car meet and Toy drive for kids this Christmas and Santa Anita Park is actually home to a Horse Racing track, the Venue is huge and can accommodate a tremendous amount of cars. Luckily for me, Santa Anita park is only a 15min drive from my place. The event starts at 10am, I got there around 11ish. The rule with these car shows is that you should show up early, like when the cars roll in. Usually the best cars show up around that time. As I was coming in, I saw a Ferrari Laferrari leaving the show…. I’ve seen like 3 of these things this year….Only in California I swear.

I left around 10. I met up with my friend and his Audi TT… I mean R8 and we rolled to the show together. It was in the mid 70s all afternoon, it felt like summer in Boston haha.


Sometimes I never know what to take pictures of at this car shows, I’m just overwhelmed by the shear number of quality cars there, I instantly become jaded….


My first time seeing RWB cars in real life. They are….. Exactly what they look like online. I remember looking at years ago and seeing Stella Artois for the first time and being blown away, the rawness of the car, how wide it was, just seemed so cool. Now they seem a bit sedate and bit a cookie cutter….I still think Stella Artois is damn cool.


Not every day you see a Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR, especially at at car show. Crazy Crazy expensive…. I think <$3 Mil? The transporter is just as cool as the car.


Definitely a homologation special.


All smiles around this car


The Mclaren Merecedes SLR is another one of my favorites, even though Paris Hilton drove it for a bit….. I think I have a soft spot for the Silver Arrow….. It would look better without this kit.


I like this “couchbuilt” BMW Z4 by Bulletproof automotive. The diamond stitching on the door panel is perfect. The wood shiftknob is a nice touch. Google the car if you want to see the exterior!


Out of all these high dollar cars, there was a small gathering around this Pagani Huayra. It was my first time seeing this in person and it does look magnificent.


There were a few Porsche 918 in attendance.


But I was drawn to this R34 GTR more. It was done up pretty nice, with TE37 and Stoptech calipers. It’s funny to think in Japan, an R34 GTR would probably not be in the same crew with a Porsche 918, but in the due to the rarity they can roll haha.

Here’s the same car racing a 918…..


E46 M3 with the airbox removed and trumpets added.


Magnus Walker and his crew showed up….


I never thought I would see Magnus Walker in person, but here he is….


He was with this White RWB Porsche


The Diversity at this show was great.


This Lexus LFA was looking mighty tasty.


I like how the Side Markers bulged out.


They seem very aerodynamic


They were a few R32 GTR Skylines in attendance. We’re going to see a lot more of these as time goes on.


Of course the Granddaddy of all Skylines was there, the Hakosuka…..

I met up with a few s2000 friends and we went to Santa Anita Mall to grab a few bites…..


Shout out to Areen for taking this photo. He has a very spooned out S2k if you guys are curious……

Stay tuned. I have my first track day next post!