Update: Subaru STi: Snow Mode + more

Sorry folks, haven’t been working much on the S2k as of late, as it’s back in VA and I was unemployed for a bit. It’s been a snowy winter in the Northeast and we are expecting more snow tomorrow. I picked up this set of ASA rims + Bridgestone Blizzak Tires for $500 off of eBay. Not a bad deal, hopefully I can own some snow now.


Also if you notice in the picture, my hood is silver now. My hood latch failed on the highway and caused this:


This is what happens when Hood meets Windshield, thankfully the ABS plastic Hood scoop saved my windshield, but sacrificed my scoop.
I picked up a Silver WRX hood from a member off of NASIOC locally.

I did a sweet switchblade key mod for the STi. It was pretty simple, you can check out the how to here


One last thing, I bought a key immobilizer from China, I was able to make key copies for my 99 Honda Accord and Subaru so far, I wonder if this will work on my S2k. I’ll post a part review in the future.

What’s new

I went ahead and removed the engine from my car today. It’s my 2nd time doing it, so it wasn’t too bad.

It’s there!

Now it’s gone!

That’s all folks, sorry for the short post. Don’t forgot to check out my gf’s Blog Especially if you love Ramen, like me.