Life: Amuse done 3 ways

I hope you guys aren’t sick of seeing the same cars from the same meets, but I am trying to give the most authentic look into my car life. It isn’t always glamorous with crazy builds left and right, but rather myself hanging out with like minded enthusiasts and enjoying our hobby. This is my first time in a long time enjoying winter without snow! Seeing as it doesn’t really snow here in SoCal, the car events do not end….

Power House Amuse R1
I didn’t have my tripod with me today so I tried my best to get pictures somewhat in focus…..Aside from the big ass tree in the way, it is nice to see how differently the Amuse R1 front bumper can look with different styles of S2k and in different colors….

Alan brought out his New Formula Red Amuse R1 frontend S2k with a Voltex wing and CE28N…. I feel like if you follow this formula, you’ll have a solid S2k….. Voltex + Recaro + Ohlins + CE28N = Awesome S2k (sounds familiar?)


This is not a Kia Soul, Tim brought out his Hyundai Genesis Coupe with a very interesting Turbo Setup.


This kit was originally developed by Greddy for their SEMA Hyundai Genesis build years ago…. There is only one of of these kits ever made, so this makes it 1 of 1, how’s that for exclusivity!


If this Intake manifold looks familiar, it’s actually a Greddy unit made for a SR20DET but adapted by welding the flange from the Genesis manifold! In the Nissan Silvia world, the Greddy intake manifold is widely copied. It’s awesome seeing such an iconic SR20 Manifold on his Hyundai.

Areen’s Spoon Build is so insane and the quality of the parts on his car are equally mental. I always find new things on his car that catches my eye. I’m blessed to have this dude as my friend since his spoon build is one of the top in the country…. or will be soon 🙂 Checking out his Spoon Rear wing, there is a super jdm sticker detailing how to take car of the wing.

Talking about mad parts. His AUTHENTIC Carbon Fiber Mugen Hardtop is a piece of true beauty. This is one of the few units I’ve ever seen in my entire life and one of few in the nation. The replicas don’t come anywhere close to this QUALITY and FITMENT…..

Took a closer look at his Spoon Bonnet/hood. I’m actually a really big fan of this hood…..It’s refreshing seeing this after seeing so many fake ones…. The Hood fits perfectly.

Interesting LED trunk light setup. Does the job pretty well.

I’m going to end this with a shot of my interior, if you are wondering, the driver’s Recaro is an IS-11 ASM and the passenger side is an SPG.

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