Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia

I’m pretty excited about this post. Never ever would I thought I was going to move to California a few years ago and be able to experience the amazing car culture that only Southern California has to offer. There is seriously a car event every week of all different types, if I want to go to a Ferrari gathering, I can do that and see some rare ass Italian machinery, if I want to only see Japanese imports, I can do that too, and see some rare Japanese classics. Living on the east coast, the car community is much smaller and they don’t focus on the crazy Japanese Tuner oriented builds as much like the guys out here.

I remember being one of the few in Virginia/DC really focused on high quality authentic Japanese parts, looking up to my favorite tuners like ASM, Spoon, J’s Racing, and trying to execute it to the best of my ability, anyone can buy some wheels that say Volk on it and put them on your cars, ask any Volk GT-N owners…..(kidding not kidding). The small niche in our automotive community that are absolute nerds of high quality and rare Japanese parts and will take it to 11th degree are mostly based in California. Over the past months I’ve been lucky to meet and talk to some people that have insane builds and have an extensive wealth of knowledge when it comes to oddball JDM stuff…..

A few weeks ago I crashed an NSX meet with some S2k guys (we asked the organizer before we went), luckily I ended up seeing someone I know that owns an NSX, so it wasn’t too bad….. Speaking of, don’t crash vehicle specific meets with another type of car!  If it’s a car specific meet and you show up with a CRZ, generally the owners of the meet don’t really give a crap about your car even if you have all the legit JDM goodies…I know it’s an elitist attitude, but if a civic shows up to an S2k gathering and talks about his car, I generally don’t care…… Once again sorry for the shaky pictures, I have the shakes pretty bad and I left my Tripod at home…..

Never ever would I think I would what I found there……(/end Buzzfeed)Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaI love this look, Black NA2 face with Volk CE28, with an NSX-R Bonnet, NSX-R Wing, and Recaro seats.  I remember seeing a car like this for 21-23k back in 2008…..These things are going up in price so fast now…..

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaClean Black NA2 I posted in my Ferrari Petersen post.  I was able to take a closer look at this car.
Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia
Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaI’m really digging the red Bride Cuga seats.  It’s nice to see a change from the normal Bride Gias or Stradia seats.  I kind of miss my old Bride Gias sometimes.
Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaNice carbon fiber wing, not sure who makes this one…
Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaThis guy was showing me his Taitec NSX engine cover, it’s super light and high quality. The NSX stuff makes the S2k parts seem cheap in comparison.

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia

This wide-bodied NSX came out.  Random tangent, my first time I came to LA by myself, my buddy actually brought me to his favorite bar in Atwater….

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaIt was super charged
Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia
Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaI have no idea what kit this is, but for rims he’s running Wedssport tc105n

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaWedssport tc105n
Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaGroup shot of the NSXs and that damn CRZ kid that was telling everyone how he’s trying to import jdm parts for his car…… aren’t we all…..
Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaFew of the S2ks.  These were relatively clean, the other S2000s were in pretty rough shape.Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaBeautiful White NA1
Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaSome Red NA1 NSXs

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia

From my observation, it seemed like the NSX guys were a bit older, they seemed like Honda guys that used to run Civics back in the 90s and early 2000s and graduated to an NSX.  The S2000 crowd are Civic owners that were able to get the S2k once they dropped in prices…..

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia

Of course I gotta have a shot of my car, I don’t post enough photos of it.

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia

This is what really set off the night for me.  An authentic full Ap2 Mugen Catalog car, down to the brake fluid….  The owner told me he is just missing a sway bar they don’t make anymore…..

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaAnd if that wasn’t enough, parked next to it also is his Ap1 Full Mugen catalog car, that’s right he owns both Mugen S2000s, an Ap1 and Ap2……
Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia

It’s so complete, Mugen Dry Carbon fiber hardtop, Mugen Dry Carbon Hood, Mugen GP wheels……..

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia

Here you can see the Mugen GP wheels, with Mugen Active Brake Rotors……
Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaMugen Underbite vs Mugen Smiley face.  Of course Mugen MF-10 Wheels on the Ap1.
Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaI believe this is the same Mugen Ap1 featured on Road and Track years ago….
Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaI don’t see many Mugen GP wheels nowadays.  It’s refreshing to see them.  This car is running RE-01R tires…. I haven’t seen these tires in years.
Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia

Of course Mugen MF10 are always a classic look.  One of my favorite all time rims.  This is also running the Mugen active gate rotors and pads.  The wheels are so mint, they are still running Potenza RE070 tires.

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaAnother shot of the MF10 Rims.  I can’t get enough.  This wheel is from the early run, the newest wheels don’t have this same color……

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia

Both of the S2ks have Mugen Dry Carbon Hardtops!  This hardtop is a prototype and doesn’t even have a serial number on it!

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia
The crazy thing about the black AP1 is that he has an engine custom built by Mugen.  Yes, you heard that right. In the early 2000s King Motorsports, offered customers the opportunity to order a fully built Mugen engine….. and this car has one of them.  There are only a few of these fully factory built mugen engines floating around in the world!

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaAs always, Mugen Dry Carbon hardtops, the quality is insane….  This is why I think California is the Mecca of S2000 tuning or tuning in general.  Including this gentleman, I can think of maybe 4-5 guys that have Authentic Mugen Dry carbon hardtops in this State!  No where else has that, not Florida, not New York Metro area, no where else besides Japan.

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia

It wouldn’t be a complete Mugen Catalog car if it didn’t have Mugen S1-R seats.  Everything is so period correct here.

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaI took a peak under the Dry Carbon Mugen Carbon Fiber Hood.

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia

Of course he has all the Mugen goodies under here, Mugen Dry Carbon Spark plug cover which was recently discontinued…..  The Red Wires are the ASM Grounding kit, I remember when grounding kits were all the rage.
Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia

Mugen Dry Carbon Intake, Mugen Radiator which was has also been discontinued, and a Mugen Radiator cap….. The engine also sports Mugen Mount kit and Mugen Headers…..

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia
Mugen Ap2 Rear bumper with Mugen Ap2 Titanium Exhaust and a Mugen Wing with the wing stands powered coated black.

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia

These cars are like time capsules, they’ll always be relevant no matter what time period as they were 10+ years ago when they were built.

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in ArcadiaComparison of the different Mugen Wings.

Meet Life: S2000 無限 Mugen Madness in Arcadia

I’ll close this out with this rear shot of both Mugen S2000s, the Ap1 also sports a Full Mugen Exhaust system……

I was so blessed to see both of these cars, it’s so rare to see an extremely complete Mugen S2000, let alone two of them.

Meet Life: 626 S2k BBQ

After I got back from Asia, the 626 crew had a small bbq meet. I feel like I post too many meet pictures, let me know if you want to see more of something else. I’m documenting my automotive life on this blog through my eyes and writing down my own thoughts.  I am messing around with different editing styles so the same car looks a bit different in each picture, the lighting keep changing from different angles.  If anyone has any photo editing tips for me, I’m all ears.

There were some NSXs in attendance.

I’m not really feeling the wheels, I feel like they are too aggressive for this car.

I like well rounded cars and this isn’t one of them…..just having a rear diffuser and nothing else seems off….rocking a Euro plate when the car isn’t remotely European seems really strange to me….

Everyone hanging out and grilling…………………..
This black NA1 NSX is a bit more tasteful.  I like the Recaro Pole positions ..
Desmond Regamaster Evo, always a fresh look on Hondas….Now that I think about it I never seem on any other make, maybe it’s a Honda thing.
GT One Exhaust!
Making some Tacos!  On a side note, I’m loving the Mexican food on this coast, the east coast doesn’t compare.
Clement Kwong came out in his tracked out S2k.  He’s pretty slick on the track nowadays, I’m sure he’s gonna break sub 2 at Button Willow soon!  You’ve seen him on this blog before, he’s rocking a rep mugen bumper since he tracks the hell out of this car and legit J’s racing Fenders.
I like the stance of his car, he’s running Nitron Coilovers, Clement swears on his life that these are the best coilovers for the money.  I believe him with that laptimes he is putting down.

The black NA1 was rocking a center mounted voltex wing…. I’m not a big fan of center mounted wings on the NSX…..  Also his Honda Emblem lights up at night…..I wish it didn’t…….
The guy hosting the meet brought out his Nissan GTR R32.  Right now these are coming into the country by the boat loads, it’s still pretty difficult to get one registered in California even with the 25 year rule.  The car looked decent from 10 feet away, but as I got closer I noticed some flaws…..  I’m pretty sure the door in supposed to be closed in this picture….
The front vent was coming off, it looks like they used some caulk to keep it sticking in.  There was the same caulk all around his rear window too.
It is still a GTR after all, I’m sure some things can be fixed.
Not pictured, the side seal is pretty done too…. getting things like seals are probably the most expensive since they are already high cost vehicle specific parts and you have to import them…..  My suggestion for anyone getting a R32 GTR, find the cleanest one you can find even if it costs a little bit more.  The auction houses in Japan sells cars by different grades depending on the quality and condition.  I feel like importers buy the lower quality grade cars and mark them up… your homework.

The old school Nismo rims are pretty rad.  They were also a bunch of S2ks there, but nothing really caught my eye…..


Life: NSX & S2k Meet at NWP

Hi all, 新年快樂! or happy Chinese new year. I’m writing this all the way from Beijing China where I will be for a couple of days for the lunar new year….

In January my friend hosted a S2k and NSX meet at NWP. NWP is Northwood Pizza, a popular spot car enthusiasts used to meet up frequently in the Irvine area. This is the NWP in NWP4life…. This meet was on a Saturday and unfortunately I work some Saturdays, so I showed up a bit late to this meet after my stint at work, probably around 1pm in the afternoon.  By the time I got there, things were already in full swing and some people started  to roll out.


S2k and NSX were both properly represented. In the past few years the price gap between the S2ks and NSXs have been increasing drastically. The s2000 has remained relatively at the same price, while the price of the NSX has been on the rise. Since the NSX is a more expensive car, I feel like they bring a more mature crowd and the majority of S2k owners nowadays are younger due to their low cost of entry…. I can understand that most NSX owners do not want to associate themselves with a younger crowd….which is why I’m so stoked that this meet happened and had a great NSX turnout. The NSX owners that come out to these are usually older guys, who cut their teeth modifying Hondas and “Upgraded” to the NSX while still sticking true to their roots.


New Formula Red NA2 front end, HRE Wheels, and type-r style hood make this NSX yummy


Another shot of the NFR NSX. You can see the painted stock NSX Calipers peek through. I remember the days when getting NSX calipers was hot shit to put on older Hondas, I.E Civic, Integra, my old BB6 Prelude……


My crap framing, but this Berlina Black S looks great with a Voltex Front bumper, Bronze Ce28N, Mugen Hardtop, and Spoon Calipers.


Blue S2k with ASM or ASM styled front bumper and Hood.



I checked out this Black S2k with an ARC Cooling plate and the HKS Supercharger. This is my first time seeing the HKS system in person. I am impressed how clean it looks compared to the other SuperCharger systems such as Science of Speed or the Vortech unit. The Oil Catch can setup and Coolant reservoir looks clean too, you don’t really notice it unless you look at it very hard.


Close up shot of the HKS SuperCharger.


The squad posted up. Areen’s Spoon AP1, Chris Lum’s Mugen AP2, and Sung’s Mugen front Ap1.  Areen is rocking his limited official Spoon team jacket, you can’t buy this jacket unfortunately….


Clean Ap2 on Volk Racing RE30 and OEM hardtop.


NFR NA1 NSX next to an Ap2 with Spoon calipers under the ap2v3 rims!


Michael Mao’s internet famous NSX. Vortex wing, fancy burnt exhaust tips and all…..



Signature Longreach Valve cover…with a one off Twin Turbo Kit….



Some people started to roll out, like this black NA1 NSX on Regamasters and a Voltex wing.




This very clean GPW S2k with an ASM front, 04 ASM rear (not pictured, I’m bad at taking pictures of the whole car, but trust me it’s there), and a host of Mugen goodies.


Mugen Spark plug cover…. which was recently discontinued, Mugen Intake and Orgin Fabrications intake arm and enough Mugen bolts to blow himself up…..


Man I want that damn spark plug cover!


Nick doing work!


Sung giving the bumper a good look over probably comparing it to his Mugen half lip for his bumper…..


CWEST Mirrors! you can see his ASM front fenders here too.


After the meet I stopped by one of my favorite spots in Costa Mesa, Period Correct. Period Correct is a clothing store that sells vintage racer inspired clothing. I love the layout of their store, the interior of the store feels like a petrolicious video. My car and the owner’s Mercedes Benz 190e 2.3-16v. The 190E is one of my all time favorite Benz, I hope this picture if a preview of things to come in my personal garage….


Looks so good in black, I love how boxy the car looks….




I love the vintage automotive artwork, the owner is a definite petrol head!


The showroom has this beautiful Porsche 356, absolutely mint…..


Also has this beautiful Martini Livery Lancia race car.


I love how raw this race car looks, especially inside the store.


I wonder if this even runs…


Of course being Italian Pininfarina designed this beauty…..

Thanks for reading, I’ll have more events to cover when I get back.




Life: Malibu Drive + Honey Boba Meet

Hi all,

It’s been pretty chilly in SoCal recently, with temperatures in the 40s and 50s and rain, lots of rain! well for socal standards that is…..

A few Sundays ago I went for a Malibu Canyon run with some friends from Irvine. It was my first time in these canyons and it was absolutely a blast. of course I was the slowest one of the group, what’s new…..


Mike and Colin with their NA1 NSX and the rest of us mortals with S2ks. This picture was taken at the top of the snake.


The reason we stopped up here… this man selling hotdogs. They were damn good!

This past Thursday I met up with the 626 fellas at Honey Boba in Rosemead. I saw a few interesting S2ks there.


Shawn Nguyen’s ASM S2000. I think this was my first time looking at an Authentic ASM bumper in person and it looks great. Looks much better than the pictures online! I like the detail on the CF lip.


J’s Racing Racing Magnetic Numbers


These Volk Ce28N filled out the fenders nicely. I believe they were 17×10 +45…..


This Turbo’ed S2k was pretty interesting. They are not that many Turbo S2ks in California due to their smog rules. The visual inspection process is extremely strict. Even if a car passes the plug in readiness test, it can still fail if visually the engine is not stock. I believe the owner says he puts out 600hp. The car sounded good, the idle was like stock. Check out his build thread here


A quick peak at his Turbo Setup.


One more of Shawn’s S2k! So fresh.


Excuse me for being out of focus. My S2k and Shawn’s. It’s crazy how we have the same rims, but the offset and color make it look like a completely different wheel.