Life: Malibu Drive + Honey Boba Meet

Hi all,

It’s been pretty chilly in SoCal recently, with temperatures in the 40s and 50s and rain, lots of rain! well for socal standards that is…..

A few Sundays ago I went for a Malibu Canyon run with some friends from Irvine. It was my first time in these canyons and it was absolutely a blast. of course I was the slowest one of the group, what’s new…..


Mike and Colin with their NA1 NSX and the rest of us mortals with S2ks. This picture was taken at the top of the snake.


The reason we stopped up here… this man selling hotdogs. They were damn good!

This past Thursday I met up with the 626 fellas at Honey Boba in Rosemead. I saw a few interesting S2ks there.


Shawn Nguyen’s ASM S2000. I think this was my first time looking at an Authentic ASM bumper in person and it looks great. Looks much better than the pictures online! I like the detail on the CF lip.


J’s Racing Racing Magnetic Numbers


These Volk Ce28N filled out the fenders nicely. I believe they were 17×10 +45…..


This Turbo’ed S2k was pretty interesting. They are not that many Turbo S2ks in California due to their smog rules. The visual inspection process is extremely strict. Even if a car passes the plug in readiness test, it can still fail if visually the engine is not stock. I believe the owner says he puts out 600hp. The car sounded good, the idle was like stock. Check out his build thread here


A quick peak at his Turbo Setup.


One more of Shawn’s S2k! So fresh.


Excuse me for being out of focus. My S2k and Shawn’s. It’s crazy how we have the same rims, but the offset and color make it look like a completely different wheel.

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