Pick Ups: Magazine + oil pan baffle

On my way back home from Boston.  My lovely girlfriend and I stopped by Mitsuwa in New Jersey.  Besides decent and cheap Japanese food, there is a legit Japanese bookstore across the street.  This Bookstore is pretty hit or miss when it comes to magazines, but you can always count on them having Option Magazines.  I scooped up this.

As I was reading the magazine, using the term reading very loosely.  I can across a more street looking J’s racing s2000.  What caught my eye was the plenum setup utilizing Toda ITBs of course.

The setup reminds me of the C-WEST drycarbon intake.  This seems much better, since we don’t have to relocate the radiator.  It is a straight forward design.

Using my limited Japanese it seems like the cost of the “sports injection induction box” is 102,900 yen, around $1,300 at today’s exchange rate + the “air intake system”  which is 176,400 yen which should be around $2,229.  I am curious what would be the better setup, a M&M Honda induction box + M&M Elbow attached to a Mugen Intake, or this?

Oh yeah, my alloycraft baffle came in…..


I’ve been having strange issues with my car recently.  I was driving and the car seemed to be overheating and there was no pressure in the upper radiator hose.  I tried bleeding the hell out of the system but it didn’t work.  So once again, I canceled my very needed tune and brought my car back into my garage.  I pulled the head off a couple of days ago and sent it to the machine shop to get resurfaced, even though it wasn’t warped too badly, still within spec, I just wanted to do it for good measure. My dad helped me install my Toda Valve springs I had. My oil pan is off, so I bought an oil pan baffle from alloy craft and will get that welded/installed shortly. I bought a mugen radiator cap and mugen thermostat for good measure, I’m still waiting on these parts to come in. I really wish the Jenvey units had a bleeder valve, it would make my life much easier.  I am probably going to buy a Greddy radiator breather, which is essentially an external bleeder.  So far if I quantify everything it is:

Toda Valve Springs : 418.00
OEM headgasket: 55.00
HondaBond: 11.59
Mugen radiator cap: 40.00
Mugen Thermostat: 60.00 (from s2ki member)
Alloy craft baffle: 60.00

So as you can see the rough total is: 644.59

But since I already have the toda valve springs it is 226.59

Considering that I still have to get the baffle welded in, there are many other costs not reported here.