Blog finds: Voltex + ASM

Happy hump day everybody.  I would first like to thank everyone for visting my site recently, there has been a slight increase in views the past couple of days.  It’s not the biggest number in the world (in the 10s), but I am thankful people are taking the time out of their lives to look at my blog.

I caught this in Evasive’s FB page… That unpainted Voltex street bumper I previously posted was finally painted along with the entire car, Championship white,  and it looks absolutely great……

I caught this on motoiq today also….. Who knew the ASM s2k came to VIR in 2006?…….

On the ASM Blog… this awesome picture of the ASM/Mugen Multivision Meter……

ASM AP racing rear calipers….one of the few rear calipers made for the s2k….

Cool 808 license plate, I’m assuming a gift from the people that paid them a visit awhile back…….

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