Find: TwinCharged S2000

My friend Chris owns a Lotus Elise and is absolutely nuts about the Ronin Exige that has been making it way around the internet. The most unique feature of the Exige is the twin charged setup it runs, this utilizes a Supercharger and a Turbocharger, giving it boost at any RPM, anytime, with no lag. The Nissan March Super Turbo of the 80’s even came stock with a setup like this!

You can check out a review on the Ronin Exige here.

This mysterious s2k made a brief build(sorta) thread years ago on s2ki…. This car is twin charged and is currently the owner is selling the car for 65k here

The Engine bay is not exactly tidy…. but I guess that’s what happens when you have a turbo and a super charger under the bonnet.

The super charger is a Comptech unit and you can see the oil cooler were the battery once was to the left corner……

the turbo side of things…..

It’s interesting how this person relocated the cruise control buttons….

I know hood spacers actually do reduce heat, I’m not a big fan, but this engine bay probably generates a lot of heat and needs it…….

I never understand why people put eyelids on their car, when has it looked good on any car?…….

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