Current State

The car is running well again.  I tracked down my random cut off problem to the wiring harness.  Since I cut off the TPS, soldered in the rover unit, and then returned it to the oem unit to use my OEM adapter so many times, I eventually lost enough slack from the connector and the solder was only connecting about 3mm of wire.  When the Alpha-N system did not see a TPS signal, the engine just shuts off.  I used some wiring from the Chasebay harness, which is truly garbage.  When i had the chase bays harness installed, I had a weird grounding issue.  Comparing the Chasebays harness and the OEM harness, you can see that the OEM harness definitely has beefier ground wires that go to the fuse box and to the alternator.  I quickly used the TPS, MAP, and IACV wires from the Chasebays Harness, it wasn’t too hard cutting up a $550 harness I just bought .  I extended the map and the IACV wires just in case I want to use a baller CNC machined vacuum block with integrated IACV and map in the future.

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