Current State

This is my car in it’s current state…… I got a cusco cooling plate, I think it really sets off the car.  It wanted a while for it, but the free shipping at corsportUSA is hard to pass up!

The chasebays engine harness, as to be expected with an aftermarket part from the US and from a company that does not have a lot of s2k experience is quite subpar.  After I wired everything up, I ran into the first problem, the injectors aren’t numbered so how the heck do I know which injector plugs goes into which!?!? I know the harness isn’t labeled because it’s their cheapest option, but come on last least number the injector plugs 1-4. The second problem is that the circle spade that goes to the alternator is too small, I had to drill out the center to make it fit.  The third problem is that the the oil pressure switch connector isn’t the right connector at all! I think it’s made for a civic or something.

This is the oil pressure switch that it came with

This is OEM


The Fourth problem is that the spade that goes to the battery fuse isn’t like the OEM one and does not allow for the fuse box to close.  This is the one that chasebays has on their harness.

This is OEM

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