Finds: Turbo F20c Swapped Mercedes C200 W202

I had to share this car… it’s too awesome not too.  I have a soft spot for 80s-90s Mercedes Benz for whatever reason….. a dream build would be a f20c Swapped 190e Cosworth with some ITBs, but anything F20c swapped is super rad to me (BMW 2002s are also in this camp)…. I was browsing the net and I stumbled upon this Mercedes C200 with a TURBO F20c SWAP for sale on Yahoo Auctions Japan! how cool is that, what makes it even more cool is that the car looks pretty damn clean dropped on some super clean BBS rims!  Excuse me if I drop some incorrect Mercedes knowledge, I will admit I’m not too knowledgeable with non S2000s, I think we never got the C200 in the USA, but the body style looks similar to the C230 we got in the mid to late 90s.

Specs (translated by me from a jpeg):

JZZ30 Soarer TRUST Intercooler
Koyo Radiator
Gluck Original Muffler
Exedy Carbon Clutch
OS Giken LSD 2 way
Electronic Power steering
Full-Type springs? F16kg/mm R:12kg/mm
Original Shocks
BNR34 Brembo Calipers
BNR34 Brake Rotors
JZZ30 Soarer E-brake
BBS RG-R 18″
Defi Racing Meter
Carbon Fiber Hood
AMG type front aero
Carbon fiber Piller Cover
Projector Headlights
LED tail lights
LED side Markers
Widened Fenders
Recaro Seats with Power adjustment
Silver carbon fiber interior trim
interior LEDs
AVIC-HRZ09 HDD with Parking Camera

Pretty clean right? You can tell it’s been lowered with some rims, maybe an aftermarket bumper, headlights, and if you look closely you can see the intercooler peaking out, foreshadowing things to come…..

Like this Turbo-ed F20c out of our beloved Honda S2000! I will admit I’m not a purist when it comes to engine swaps, f20c-all-things sounds great to me…. The engine looks almost factory to me, if you don’t mind the big ass turbo hanging off of it, interesting coolant swirl pot setup, I’m sure this thing goes!

Classic 90s Benz boxy shape, the stance is so right, this car looks like it is the perfect car to go out on a date and hit the track later on.  The taillights looked as they have been blessed by the LED gods.

4500Some interior goodness.  The Defi super sports cluser is oh-so JDM on a build like this.  I love how the interior isn’t all race-car, the full interior is kept.  I can smell that classic old Mercedes Benz Leather smell already….

Of course Brembo calipers, which are borrowed off of another car, being an Nissan R34 GTR and BBS RG-R wheels work so well together.



So how much for all this are you asking? You can own all of this for 1800000yen! around 18k USD.

Life: 2017 Honda Civic Type R at Raceline USA

Recently a friend of mine, pro-racer clement, took delivery of his 2017 Honda Civic Type R. It is pretty amazing that Honda brought their Civic Type R to the US shores…. although we all wish they did it years earlier! Maybe because all the enthusiasts that wanted an EK9 CTR back in the day when they were new are actually old enough and at a point where they can afford a 2017 model. I might be in the minority here, but I think the car actually looks good….. It’s 2017, so it has to have 2017 type styling.  Everything nowadays is derived from aerodynamics, so modern cars do tend to have similar lines.

We put the car on the dyno at Raceline USA to see what numbers it puts out…. This is the first time I made a video really, so check it out!

Final results, 280Whp when the engine is cold! and 282Tq!!!! crazy numbers, this puts it over factory rating. But after the engine warmed up, the whp was around 267. There is power to be made with some tuning, as with all turbo’ed cars. Clement gave me a ride in this car around the block, and it feels pretty quick, power is very linear, reminds me power wise like a tuned twin scroll turbo WRX. The car felt like it handled well, probably because Clement is a super pro racer haha..

I can’t mention Raceline without this car.  Another Type R, the Integra Type R.  This car was actually in Hot Version American Touge 2.  I used to watch all of the Best Motoring International Videos growing up, American Touge was one of my favorite series, because it showed that American tuners can hang on with the JDM greats.

Haven’t taken car pictures in awhile….. so I forgot all about the polarizer.  I like the red stripe on the rim, reminds me of “Time attack Volks” from back in the day with red rings.  I love the massive Brembo calipers and LED headlights.  The car looks great in black.

No the lip is not real Carbon Fiber…..”It’s a Honda not a Mclaren” as Elton said to me.  I wonder what Mugen will do when they come out with a Kit, maybe make all these fake honeycomb grills real!?!?

Inside Clements Civic Type-R…….

Carbon fiber backed bucket seats!!! Although I heard this is faux Carbon Fiber also.  The buckets were thick and supportive.

True Asian style, he kept the plastic on the seats.

The Cluster is an LCD display.  I wonder how this will look 10-15 years later?  I prefer analog needles myself…. I even dislike the S2k cluster….. But having a single LCD display does make sense for packaging reasons, you can jam a lot more information on the screen.

Strapping the car on the dyno.

more faux grills

Dual exhaust tips with a 3rd tip for the wastegate dump!  Most likely taking inspiration from the Ferrari F40.

A quick peak under the triple exhaust

Amazes me how Elton has all this random JDM stuff all over. Like this ARC radiator! It looks S2k sized too!

I took a look outside…. This S2k Elton was working on caught my eye.  First thing I noticed were the J’s Racing exhausts that were mounted high.  Clement said this car has a J’s Kit on it usually.

Volk TE37SL and missing Over Fenders.

I couldn’t help to notice the crazy Twin Scroll Turbo setup.  I was told this car has a f24 stroker in it.

Twin Scroll Turbo setup with dump tubes probably sticking through the hood.

It looks like this is rocking a Full Race manifold and Fullblown intake manifold.  I don’t know too much about Turbo setups unfortunately…

Another interesting car I saw in the parking lot was this 240z….

Timeless looks…..

NEWS: Top Fuel S2000 to join WTAC

When you think of WTAC (World Time Attack Challenge), the first thought is usually the Sierra Sierra Evo or the Cyber Evo.  I would never of imagined an S2000 being campaigned, I would think a NSX before a S2000 be would chosen to be an elite time attack car to battle with the big boys.  I’ve always wanted the S2000 to compete on a high level, a couple of years ago I was begging Honda to create a S2000 GT300 car for Super Gt, If Toyota can run a GT300 Celica, I don’t see why not?  According to this source, the Top Fuel S2000 along with a cooperation with Voltex are going to run for the 2012 WTAC, they’re bringing out the big guns and is even developing aero for the car.  I’m extremely excited.  Please check out more details the car from here


One of my favorite Best Motoring videos, check out how the Top Fuel S2000 just passes every car on the field with ease!