Tech/Tool life how to do a leak down test on your S2000

First and foremost…..still working on video skills. I just made a short and sweet video!

I didn’t take too many pictures of the actually process since I was also shooting video…. I put to the test my new OTC LeakDown Tester from amazon. I’ve used a few OTC products in the past and have always liked them!

Don’t forget to set your Air Compressor to 90PSI

Another shot of the OTC kit…

I will update this post one day when I do another leak down! in the meantime watch the video!

3 thoughts on “Tech/Tool life how to do a leak down test on your S2000

  1. Hello from the Bay Area!

    I’ve seen your blogs, and I regret not having followed you earlier… I guess you sold your S?

    Anyways, I love your content and hope you keep it up.

    I bought my S2 brand new in 99. My car is 99 percent Mugen minus the radiator and LSD. I’m glad to see other people enjoy the amazing craftsmanship that comes out of some Japanese tuners. The people that just want the name or the look never realize how badly they are hurting small businesses in Japan by copying and taking real tuning innovation. I totally believe in competition in capitalism but to take designs that are not your own..not even adding a different design element is really like stealing.

    I digress, sorry for the rant. Great content. I’ll be finishing the restoration of my S2k in Championship White in the next few months. While i’ll be keeping all of my Mugen pieces I just ordered Amuse Legalo for aero, and some other great bits I think you would like. I’ll send some photos so you might buy another s2 soon.

    Kindest Regards,


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