Parts Review/DIY: Recaro Pole Position on Buddy Club Low Mount Seat Rails (Not Really)

I’m going to attempt another half-ass DIY. I’m installing Recaro Pole Position seats on BuddyClub rails. First off, if you are planning to do this with buddy club rails, stop! Buy a higher quality rail such as Bride, Recaro, Taitec, Nagisa……basically something made in Japan, in my experience they just tend to fit better for the S2000. Little known fact, Buddy Club is actually a Taiwanese manufacture, which is nothing wrong with that, but most people have the perception that they are a Japanese manufacture. With that foresight I presented you, here is Alvin’s install on the Recaro Polepositions on his 2006 Laguna Blue S2000……

Here is Alvin removing the sensors on the seat. 2001-2005 S2000s only have a seatbelt sensor but 2006+ have a weight sensor in addition to the seatbelt sensor.


The Buddy club rails off the car. The seat mounts are a 2 piece design for each side…. I’m not a big fan of this, taitec seat rails are guilty of this too. I like having a one piece mount for each side, it is much more rigid.


Alvin went with Recaro Pole Positions seats in leather. The pole positions are a good option for most people since the side bolsters aren’t too high and they are wide unlike Recaro SPGs. They feel like upgraded stock seats for the S2000, even the leather feels like OEM s2000.

Common problem with the Buddy Club Seat rails is that this spot weld breaks off… like this picture from an S2ki thread here

Alvin took care of this issue by finding someone to reweld his seat rail… It looks much better now, instead of a tiny tact weld securing the mount into place, it is fully welded all the way around. We also took this time to add some additional grease to the rails so it will slide smoother.



We worked late into the night to get this bolted in….. The seating position is a bit high with the mounts that come from Buddy Club. We ended up cutting a notch off of the rear buddy club mount to get it seating a bit lower. I suspect we can cut even one more notch to get it even lower! The seat doesn’t rub against the door like my Recaro SPG on Mugen rails.

Of course in typical S2kandtheAnt fasion, I don’t have pictures of this step.

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