Life: Weekend trip to SF/FatLace

This past weekend I took a trip up to San Francisco. I’m not a big fan of SF, something about that City creeps me out….. I prefer NYC over SF, maybe it’s the architecture? I can’t put my finger on it….Or maybe because this trip it was rainy and gloomy all weekend. Since I was in SF for the day, I decided to take advantage of it.


I saw this interesting Motorcycle Shop in the city….Next to this Crepe and Salad bar.

Since my wife was busy doing something in the city so I took it upon myself to make the drive to FatLace HQ in San Mateo. I’ve seen many pictures of this place on Instgram, but nothing can compare to how infinitely cool this place is in person.


I rang the bell and someone let me in. I checked out the few shirts they have, and the employee asked if I wanted a tour. I couldn’t say YES fast enough.

My pictures are blurry as shit this post, my battery on my Sony A7 died after 4 shots, I forgot to swap the batteries that were in the car.


Once again sorry for the blurry ass pictures, most the pictures are iPhone…. Upon entrance to the Garage area I noticed two Initial D arcade machine. How cool is this, this is the definition of a man cave (as much as I hate that phrase). I would love to own one of these in my house.


After the Initial D machine, my attention shifted to this PRISTINE Porsche 911 933. Hard to believe these things are upwards of 100k USD now, 10 years ago this was probably a 30-40k car…..Maybe if I stop messing around with crappy Hondas I’ll get into these things? Nahhhhhhh…..


This AE86, I was told belongs to a 6 year old, Mark’s son…… It’s absolutely fresh, everything is done right. I’m so jealous….adopt me?


Next to the AE86 is this Hakosuka. Two JDM Classic cars next to each other from Japan….. If I had a choice, I don’t know what which one I want…..White is THE color to get these in, the National Racing color of Japan.


Just when it couldn’t get any better, tucked in the corner is his lift with a KEN MERI and Drifted out 240!


Outside is their official RWB ramp truck


I want to live here….


If you are wondering what those lines are on the floor, this Garage is also a RC drift track on the weekends….



Another drift car and their Shaved Ice serving VW VAN.


Taking a cue from Nakai, they have a very RWB style Pool table….



Another shot of the AE86



Upstairs there is a small RC shop with an RC drift car track.


The Track


The ledge overlooking the RC track on the garage floor


This post wouldn’t be complete without some S2k Content….It’s Silverstone too 🙂


Upstairs there is also this room…..


Outside the shop, there was a very “drift mode” 240sx chillen


Nice Work VS-KF. I love the Japanese Inspired Styling

After leaving Fatlace, I walked down the street and couldn’t help to notice this car….


A closer revealed a shop with some pretty interesting cars…


like this BMW 2002


Or this Impreza RS… wife used to own something like this years ago…. I chatted with the owner of the shop a bit, but didn’t want to impose too much by taking pictures…..

And that concludes my trip to SF!

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