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Hello everybody! I haven’t forgotten about you, I’ve just been really busy with work lately, trying to find a new job, and something else….. I bought an 2005 STi for cheap, but the turbo was blown, so I’m in the process of refreshing it up with a new engine, turbo, and seals…

Check it out!

I should be getting a real camera again soon, not a DSLR but anything is better than my iPhone, especially this outdated 3GS.

Brand New VF48

Picked up this low mileage engine a week ago with my dad. Guy I picked it up from has a warehouse that I assume he shares with his friends, has a lift, tools, and storage space for him and his friends projects. He was selling the engine because he replaced it with a brand new COSWORTH longblock, I’m super jealous. My goals for the STi is just to have a nice daily, my EG is an okay daily, but it’s just so slow and if I mod it, I’m sure it’s going to be stolen.

I haven’t forgotten about the S2k, it’s on the back burner now. It’s back to stock engine, I had a weird issue I thought was my kpro, but it turns out I had a faulty IACV. All the car needs is some hardtop seals, the rear glass, some paint, and I’m ready to drive.

Also…. check out my Girlfriend’s awesome food blog! She takes way better pictures than me, and it should leave you starving!

Till next time. 再見!

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