Finds: Engine of champions

Happy Friday Everyone!

Kicking off the Friday with some Engine Pr0n….From the ASM blog….

ASM engine built by Succeed sports using Toda parts….$$$$

■ 2.37L Engine break TODA RACING F20C
Maximum power 340PS / 8,250 rpm
Maximum torque 31.0kg / 6,750 rpm
Bore × stroke 87mm × 100mm
Total emission 2,377 cc
Compression ratio 13.0:1
Connecting rod TODA POWER
Metal connecting rod STD
Metal crank STD
Camshaft IN 295 degree 13mm lift
Camshaft OUT 290 degree 12mm lift
Valve spring TODA POWER
Oil cooler ASM
Radiator ASM
Plug No. NGK10
Machining the combustion chamber TODA RACING
Port Machining TODA RACING
Injector STD
Fuel Pump BOSCH

Toda DRY SUMP!!!!!

I don’t believe the dry sump oil pan has been fitted yet, it should be half the size of the standard one pictured here.

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